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Veganism is murder, too

Veganism is murder, too

Anath Hartmann

Washington Times

The agriculture industry is under attack from a powerful, popular and well-funded lobby – animal rights groups, which want to see it die completely, said two speakers at the Animal Agriculture Alliance 9th Anual Stakeholders Summit in Arlington, Va., Wednesday.

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Video Feature: Showmanship Tips

Video Feature:  Showmanship Tips


Listen to Holly Gamble Meier, Gamble Angus Farm and Amie Sterzbach, Sterrzbach Cattle Co. give their top showmanship tips.

Select for Optimum Trait Levels to Fit Herd Needs

Select for Optimum Trait Levels to Fit Herd Needs

Dr. Jane Parish, Extension Beef Cattle Specialist, Mississippi University

Cattle Today

One of the challenges in beef cattle selection and culling involves finding optimum levels of individual traits for the herd. Optimum does not necessarily mean maximum or minimum.

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Begin At The End When Thinking Beef

Begin At The End When Thinking Beef

Burt Rutherford

Beef Magazine

Ask cattle producers what business they’re in, and often they’ll say the cattle business. “But really it’s a business that begins with the American mom,” says Mary Lou Quinlan, CEO of “Just Ask a Woman,” a strategic marketing consulting firm in New York.

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Hall of Fame inducts Kenny Monfort, Ladd Hitch

Hall of Fame inducts Kenny Monfort, Ladd Hitch

John Maday


The Cattle Feeders Hall of Fame is a new program intended to honor the most innovative and influential individuals in the cattle-feeding business. The hall announced its 2010 inductees during a banquet in Denver Thursday night – the late Kenny Monfort of Colorado and H.C. (Ladd) Hitch of Hitch Enterprises based in Oklahoma.

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BeefTalk: A Closeout Worth Some Smiles

BeefTalk: A Closeout Worth Some Smiles

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

A feedlot closeout at the Dickinson Research Extension Center came across my desk and with it came the usual first question. Did the lot come up with some cash for the operation?

Yes was the answer for lot 9315. The lot had an average net return of $245.53 per steer. That was good.

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Protect Livestock Against Anthrax

Protect Livestock Against Anthrax

North Dakota State University

Vaccination is the best way to protect livestock from anthrax.

North Dakota’s second confirmed case of anthrax this year emphasizes the need to get livestock vaccinated against the disease, North Dakota State University Extension Service veterinarian Charlie Stoltenow says.

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Cattle Rustling Still A Scourge In Texas

Cattle Rustling Still A Scourge In Texas

John Honore


According to statistics furnished by the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, cattle rustling in Texas has tripled since 2007. A lackluster economy — combined with rising beef prices — is what most in the industry see as driving the crime. Despite the rise in stolen cattle, it’s not a crime that most Texans think of as being common.

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Confined Livestock Are Better For The Planet

Confined Livestock Are Better For The Planet

Dennis Avery

BEEF Magazine

Stanford University recently startled the world with its conclusion that conventional high-yield farming is far better for the planet than low-yield farming (see “Beef’s Environmental Sustainability Considerably Improved”). And this includes the First World’s current icon – organic farming.

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Scientists Counter Brucellosis Threat to Livestock

Scientists Counter Brucellosis Threat to Livestock


Armed with dart guns and medical pellets, Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists are vaccinating bison in and around Yellowstone National Park against brucellosis. 

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Missouri Forage Center Plans Field Day

Missouri Forage Center Plans Field Day

Hay and Forage Grower

The University of Missouri (MU) Forage Systems Research Center at Linneus will hold its first field day in 10 years on Aug. 3.

“We want to give the public a better idea of our projects and research,” says Dave Davis, the center’s superintendent. “This is an opportunity for producers in the region to talk to MU specialists who are in high demand throughout the year.”

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War on weeds

War on weeds

Great Falls Tribune

The recent Tribune article about the "war on weeds" along the Front never once mentioned the causes for weed spread. The entire article focused on treating the symptoms instead of addressing the ultimate cause for weed spread — which in Montana is generally associated with logging, off-road vehicles and, more than any other factor, livestock production.

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Keeping them cool

Keeping them cool

Phillip Bock

The Independent

Keeping cattle cool over the hot summer months can be a daunting task for area farmers, but there are methods available that keep cattle cool while still boosting production.

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Wean Early Without Working Overtime

Wean Early Without Working Overtime

Laura Nelson

Cattle Today

Weaning calves at half the typical age calls for re-thinking your calendar, but it doesn’t obligate a management overhaul. With a few key tweaks, ranchers already weaning at home can reap the rewards of calves that gain faster, convert cheaper, perform better and reduce cow costs.

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Audience Skeptical of Proposed Bion Ethanol-From-Cattle Project

Audience Skeptical of Proposed Bion Ethanol-From-Cattle Project

Ryan Morden

Operation Oswego County

Bion Environmental Technologies is trying to win the support of the Oswego County community to build a beef cattle and ethanol production mega project in Schroeppel.

Bion has its work cut out for itself, if the audience that heard its pitch is any indication.

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