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Purebred VS. Commercial Nutritional Needs May Differ

Purebred VS. Commercial Nutritional Needs May Differ

Stephen B. Blezinger, Ph.D., PAS

Cattle Today

In the beef cattle industry there has been discussion in many shapes and forms concerning feeding and nutrition of purebred cattle. In many cases, the perception of purebred breeders is that purebred cattle (PB) have significantly different nutrient requirements than commercial (COM) cattle.

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Summer Fly Control On Beef Cattle

Summer Fly Control On Beef Cattle

The Dairy Network

Fly control on beef cattle in pasture situations can become an issue during the summer months. The two most commonly talked about fly pests are the horn fly and the face fly, but deer and horse flies can also become a nuisance. I have not seen any kind of economic threshold set for face, horse or deer flies that corresponds to an economic loss, although common sense says that if an animal is running from flies, or spending energy trying to rid itself of flies rather than grazing, then some type of performance loss is occurring.

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Summer Beef Conference Focuses on Rebuilding Herds

Summer Beef Conference Focuses on Rebuilding Herds


The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association has scheduled its Summer Conference for July 28th through August 1st in Denver, Colorado. According to NCBA President and Illinois cattle producer Steve Foglesong – the Summer Conference is more than determining NCBA’s policies – the event is a portal of excellent information for cattle producers.

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Managing Internal Parasites in Organic Livestock

Managing Internal Parasites in Organic Livestock

Purdue Organics and Alternative

Internal parasitism is considered to be one of the most prominent livestock diseases in Canada causing economic and production losses to many ruminant livestock producers.  For organic producers recourse to synthetic dewormers (i.e., anthelmintics or parasiticides) is severely restricted and in some cases prohibited.

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Dry Spell Bad for Farmers

Dry Spell Bad for Farmers

Melissa Stiers


"However if we go two to three weeks remaining in the 90’s and 100’s," says state climatologist David Stooksbury, "we’ll slide into a mild drought primarily impacting pastures for both beef cattle and dairy cattle."

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Beef producer leaves little of operation to chance

Beef producer leaves little of operation to chance

Terry Katz

Sturgis Journal

Sitting down to enjoy a good steak dinner isn’t usually the time or place to be talking about cattle genetics.

But genetics play a key role in providing the best-tasting steak on the plate.

Monte Bordner sees his black Angus cattle operation in Fawn River Township as being the “tool-and-die” of the beef industry.

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Temple Grandin to be honored at NCBA Summer Conference

Temple Grandin to be honored at NCBA Summer Conference


World-renowned cattle-care advocate Dr. Temple Grandin will be honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award during the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s (NCBA) upcoming Summer Conference in Denver.

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USDA Pushes for Changes to Packers and Stockyards Act to Get More Price Transparency

USDA Pushes for Changes to Packers and Stockyards Act to Get More Price Transparency

Chris Clayton


An attorney who argued for producers in one of the most high-profile and controversial Packers and Stockyards Act court battles during the past decade says some livestock and packer groups are overdramatizing the effects of USDA’s proposed new livestock competition rules.

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Young farmers tap into an aging industry

Young farmers tap into an aging industry

Rebecca Martinez

Staunton News Leader

Ever at the mercy of the weather and the markets, farming never has been easy work.

But with the rising cost of starting a farm and competition with developers for land, Greg Hicks of the Virginia Farm Bureau said the number of young people pursuing agricultural careers is dropping.

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Power lines and landowners’ rights topic of program

Power lines and landowners’ rights topic of program

The River Cities Tribune

Maintaining the rights of landowners and ranchers when utilities want to build power transmission lines on their easements is the featured topic during a Texas AgriLife Extension Service program Aug. 17.

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Plan For Winter Pasture During Summer’s Heat

Plan For Winter Pasture During Summer’s Heat

Hugh Aljoe

Noble Foundation

It’s the middle of the summer, and I’m writing about winter pasture already! Many of you might be thinking I’ve lost my mind – well, maybe I have, but it has nothing to do with this subject matter.

Planting season for winter pasture is rapidly approaching, and, after the lack of rainfall in our geographic region last fall and winter, there will be less cereal rye and wheat seed available this year.

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R-CALF USA Ready to Debate Cattle Issues

R-CALF USA Ready to Debate Cattle Issues


R-CALF USA has accepted an invitation to debate the current state of competition in the U.S. cattle and beef industries. R-CALF USA CEO Bill Bullard says his organization has long maintained that the high level of concentration in the U.S. cattle market enables beef packers to exert buying power that distorts the market – thus enabling them to exploit both cattle producers and consumers.

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B.C. farmer feeding cattle wine

B.C. farmer feeding cattle wine

Jerold LeBlanc

Edmonton Sun

With the Canadian cattle industry still recovering from the aftermath of the mad cow disease outbreak, a group of farmers in B.C. has hit upon a unique niche product — wine-fed beef.

And if an Oliver, B.C.-based producer had his way, this delicacy would soon show up on dinner plates at high-end Alberta steakhouses.

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Extreme heat takes toll on Kansas cattle

Extreme heat takes toll on Kansas cattle


The Kansas City Star

Beef producers across central Kansas are in a state of emergency after helplessly watching at least 1,000 cattle killed by extreme heat since Friday.

The losses came at several feedlots from the Nebraska border to Dodge City, where high temperatures, high humidity and little to no wind created a deadly mix.

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Trade groups call for end of ethanol subsidies

Trade groups call for end of ethanol subsidies

Poultry Today

The nation’s largest livestock and poultry trade associations have asked the Senate leadership to allow a 30-year-old tax credit and a protective tariff for ethanol to expire as scheduled at the end of the year.

The request was made in a letter signed by the American Meat Institute, National Turkey Federation, National Chicken Council, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, National Pork Producer’s Council and the National Meat Association.

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