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Video Feature: Baxter Black: Goose Bumps

Baxter Black has got a story to tell. This one involves an unfortunate meeting of a fast-flying goose and a wayward rope. From US Farm Report.

Customize Your Herd Health Calendar

Customize Your Herd Health Calendar

Kim Watson-Potts

Beef Today

Most of us understand the fundamentals of a sport like football, but it’s quite a leap to develop the strategy and playbook required to build a winning team. It takes knowledge of individual skills and an understanding of how the team works best together. You have to research your competition and develop a customized game plan to be victorious.

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Producers Must Make Obvious Culling Decisions in Spring

Producers Must Make Obvious Culling Decisions in Spring

Ted G. Dyer, UGA Extension Animal Scientist

Cattle Today

With the annual cost of keeping a commercial cow at or around $400/year, it is critical to identify and cull those open cows as soon as possible. Each day they remain in your herd it costs you more than $1/day.

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U of M Meeting Focuses On Nutrition

U of M Meeting Focuses On Nutrition


US – Feed industry professionals will have the opportunity to update their knowledge of beef, dairy, poultry, swine and equine nutrition at the 71st annual Minnesota Nutrition Conference on 21 to 22 September in Owatonna, Minnesota.

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Vaccinate cattle for anthrax before turning out to pasture

Vaccinate cattle for anthrax before turning out to pasture

The Cattle Business Weekly

A South Dakota Cooperative Extension veterinarian advises cattle producers to include anthrax vaccines in their programs before turning cattle out to summer pastures.

Extension Veterinarian Russ Daly said anthrax, which is caused by bacteria that can exist as spores in the soil for long periods of time, could arise this summer due to conditions that follow a wet spring.

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New ‘Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner.’ Advertising Features Popular Lean Beef Cuts

New ‘Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner.’ Advertising Features Popular Lean Beef Cuts

Agri Marketing

The new "Beef It’s What’s For Dinner." consumer advertising campaign is premiering this month with an emphasis on helping Americans become more familiar with the 29 lean cuts of beef. With a "29 Lean Cuts. One Powerful Protein." tagline, the new campaign will feature the nutritional benefits and versatility of six lean beef favorites: T-Bone steak, Filet, Top Sirloin, Strip steak, Top Round and 95 percent Lean Ground Beef.

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BeefTalk: Early Calving Cows Are Keepers

BeefTalk: Early Calving Cows Are Keepers

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

As the cattle head to the cool-season grass pastures, spring breeding plans are well under way. While most of the cows have calved, spring grass means breeding time is not far away.

The other day was sunny and all the cattle felt good. Walking around the ranch, the bulls were pretty feisty and the heifers were kicking up their heels.

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