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Most inventions or new ideas result from a problem for which there is no commonly prescribed answer.  Women often have more need to find an alternative solution because, unlike their macho counterparts, “brute force” is not usually a choice.

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Storm Debris in Pastures Potential Health Risk to Cattle

Storm Debris in Pastures Potential Health Risk to Cattle


Insulation can cause bloat, impaction and gastro-intestinal problems when consumed, including possible hemorrhaging of the rumen. Nails and other small pieces of metal can cause “hardware” disease, health problems associated with the consumption of metal.

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Preventing, treating grass tetany

Preventing, treating grass tetany

Dave Barz, DVM

Tri State Livestock News

Spring is definitely here. The pastures are growing, but the wet cold weather has really slowed their maturity. When the weather warms after these wet rainy days the grass will grow rapidly. This fast growth and turnout of your lactating mama cows could result in grass tetany.

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Positive Pasture Conditions Boost Cattle Prices

Positive Pasture Conditions Boost Cattle Prices

Kim Watson-Potts

Beef Today

Late winter and spring moisture conditions have been good for pastures across the United States, giving a positive start to grazing season. The latest USDA Pasture and Range conditions report showed 64% of the U.S. reporting conditions as good to excellent. And only 7% report poor to very poor pasture conditions.

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Grass-fed Beef: A Good Choice?

Grass-fed Beef: A Good Choice?


Whole Foods Market, a natural and organic foods supermarket, has announced that grass-fed-and-finished beef is offered in the meat departments of all of its 284 stores in the United States.

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Winter Memories and Forage Plans

Winter Memories and Forage Plans

Dr. Mark A. McCann, Extension Animal Scientist, VA Tech

What a great spring for grass and cattle. The quick and sudden warm-up that followed the snowy winter resulted in some flooding and plenty of mud; but it also accelerated early grass growth.

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NALF recommends strategic crossbreeding

NALF recommends strategic crossbreeding


For cow-calf producers, survival and operational profitability are reliant upon efficiently producing uniform calves for target markets in an economical fashion. Doing so requires a clear management plan, set goals for the cow herd, proper bull selection and a concise marketing strategy. Collectively, those things reduce risk and generate greater returns to the bottom line.

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Freeze Branding Beef Cattle

Freeze Branding Beef Cattle

Mississippi State University

Individual animal identification is an integral part of good herd record keeping and management. Selection decisions, pairing up cows and calves, treating injured or ill cattle, and estrus detection are just a few of the many routine management practices where individual animal identification is important.

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Independent Cattlemen’s Association of Texas Convention set for June 9 to 11

Independent Cattlemen’s Association of Texas Convention set for June 9 to 11

High Plains Journal

Participants at the upcoming 36th annual Independent Cattlemen’s Association of Texas convention June 9 to 11, will be treated to hands-on, practical information they can use now with their herd, and estate planning advice that can keep the ranch in the family for generations to come.

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Japan Orders Mass Stock Cull to Contain Foot-and-Mouth Disease

Japan Orders Mass Stock Cull to Contain Foot-and-Mouth Disease

Aya Takada

Business Week

Japan, the world’s biggest feed-grain importer, ordered a mass culling of pigs and cattle to prevent the spread of its first foot-and-mouth disease outbreak in a decade.

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UNL research finds feeding corn coproducts to reproducing cows positive

UNL research finds feeding corn coproducts to reproducing cows positive

High Plains Journal

University of Nebraska-Lincoln research finds feeding reproducing cows corn coproducts is beneficial to their post-calving gain, reproduction and may improve beef production sustainability.

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Good Enough to Eat

Good Enough to Eat

Wendy Werris

Publisher’s Weekly

“Why don’t you order for me?” I ask Michael Pollan, author of the bestselling The Omnivore’s Dilemma and the upcoming In Defense of Food, The Penguin Press, Jan. 2008). We’re at Chez Panisse in Berkeley, Alice Waters’s ode to exquisite cuisine and one of the forerunners of the whole food movement in America.

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Brazil: A chip in every cow

Brazil: A chip in every cow

Ina Fried

Cnet News

Brazil is hoping an effort to track its huge cattle population will jump-start the country’s fledgling chipmaking industry.

By tagging every cow with a tracking chip, the South American country is aiming to make its beef supply safer while also helping to create big demand for Brazilian-made semiconductors.

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Mayoral candidate’s arrest inspires PETA to weigh in on a meaty issue

Mayoral candidate’s arrest inspires PETA to weigh in on a meaty issue

David Lias

Vermillion Plain Talk

According to a press release issued by PETA on May 6, the animal rights organization is currently negotiating with Vermillion-area outdoor advertisers to run a billboard that shows a photo of a cow next to the words "Say ‘No!’ to Pot (Roast). Don’t Be a Meathead. Kick the Habit! Go Vegan!"

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Sound Science Is In The Eye of The Beholder

Sound Science Is In The Eye of The Beholder

Gary Truitt

Hoosier AG TOday

The old saying states, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” That is certainly the case with modern art, an art form in which I have trouble seeing beauty. Music is similar; I can enjoy the complexities of a Bach fugue but have difficulty appreciating rap music

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