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Test herd, then treat to avoid parasite resistance

Test herd, then treat to avoid parasite resistance


As instances of internal parasite resistance to deworming treatments are becoming more numerous among the country’s cattle herds, it becomes apparent that herd managers must pay closer attention to the use of these valuable herd-health tools.

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Mob Grazing

Mob Grazing

Boyd Kidwell

Angus Beef Bulletin

Mob grazing saved Greg Judy’s cattle operation. In 1999, Greg and his wife, Jan, faced losing their farm to bankruptcy. During the past 10 years, Judy has honed his grazing management to the point that he has quit buying seed and fertilizer, owns no machinery and feeds almost no hay on the livestock operation near Clark, Mo.

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State Of Kansas Fails To Pay State Fair Bill

State Of Kansas Fails To Pay State Fair Bill

Bovine Veterinarian

The state of Kansas has again failed to help pay the bill for the Kansas State Fair’s $29 million master plan project that legislators approved in 2001 – with the fair now shorted about $1.343 million of a match outlined in Kansas statutes.

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Positive Pasture Conditions Boost Cattle Prices

Positive Pasture Conditions Boost Cattle Prices

Kim Watson-Potts

Beef Today

Late winter and spring moisture conditions have been good for pastures across the United States, giving a positive start to grazing season. The latest USDA Pasture and Range conditions report showed 64% of the U.S. reporting conditions as good to excellent. And only 7% report poor to very poor pasture conditions.

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Review the Status of DNA Technology in Cattle

Review the Status of DNA Technology in Cattle

Nebraska Farmer

The use of DNA technology in beef cattle will be addressed at a June 7 conference at the U.S. Meat Animal Research Center in Clay Center.

Attendees will learn about recent advances in the application of DNA technology as it relates to making selection decisions in beef cattle, says Matt Spangler, UNL Extension beef genetics specialist.

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Farm Groups Wary of New Climate Change Bill

Farm Groups Wary of New Climate Change Bill

Gary Truitt

Hoosier AG Today

  Senators John Kerry (D, Massachusetts) and Joe Lieberman (I, Connecticut) unveiled climate-change legislation on Wednesday, although the bill‘s chances of success are uncertain.

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Applying Nitrogen After Planting

Applying Nitrogen After Planting


Weather conditions allowed many farmers to plant corn early this year. However, due to 2009’s late harvest, many acres with corn already growing still need to be fertilized with nitrogen.

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