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Video Feature: Using the CIDR to Synchronize Estrus

Video Feature:  Using the CIDR to Synchronize Estrus

Dr. Allen Bridges shows how to incorporate the use of the CIDR in a synchronization program for beef cattle.



People who live in Chicago, Washington DC or San Francisco inner cities lock their doors at night.  They are careful where they travel within the city.  They all have friends who have been mugged, had homes burglarized, cars stolen or lives taken.

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An Unforgettable Life Experience

An Unforgettable Life Experience

Rob DeFreese

Simmental Register

I knew that there would be about 10 days before I needed to be at the first calving ranch, so Jerry quickly assigned me a project to start working on in the office. I was to look at a list of the top 50 most-used-bulls with the ASA, to see which had been tested for genetic defects. The ones that had no testing results required me to locate a unit of semen or other form of DNA and ship it to Dr. Beever in Illinois, for testing. It wasn’t a difficult task, but one that had a lot of steps before it could be completed.

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Battle over slow food heats up in heartland

Battle over slow food heats up in heartland

Carolyn Lochhead

San Francisco Chronicle

From Pennsylvania church ladies to Iowa dairymen, the locavore, small-is-good, organic food movement born in Northern California has penetrated America’s heartland, where it is waging a pitchfork rebellion, much of it on the Internet, against the agricultural establishment.

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Swift Level is a picture of the future of farming

Swift Level is a picture of the future of farming

Monica Orosz

Charleston Daily Mail

Jennifer Jones wakes up every morning in the place that has always felt like home, the rolling hills of Greenbrier County.

Here, she is endeavoring to turn an 1820s farm that has been in her family since 1930 into a model for the future of West Virginia farming.

And the future, she hopes, will be more like the past.

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Producers Suggest Safety Net Changes to House Agriculture Committee

Producers Suggest Safety Net Changes to House Agriculture Committee

Chris Clayton


Farmers in Iowa told congressmen changes are needed in the farm safety net’s new revenue program as lawmakers cautioned about the fiscal challenges they will face trying to write the next farm bill.

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Outsmarting Flies On the Ranch

Outsmarting Flies On the Ranch

Heather Smith Thomas

BEEF Magazine

The battle against flies is constant, but a combination of tactics can keep them at bay. Beyond chemical options, there are also biological methods to add to the mix; and being familiar with the various habits and behaviors of different flies can provide the most effective combination of tactics.

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