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PETA & HSUS: The Pickpocket & The Conman

PETA & HSUS: The Pickpocket & The Conman

Bovine Veterinarian

Make no mistake, says David Martosko of the Center for Consumer Freedom and editor of http://www.HumaneWatch.org, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) are pretty much one and the same. “The more people we can get to understand that, the better off we’ll be,” he said.

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Living without the truth

Living without the truth

High Plains Journal

In her article "Living without meat," Nicole Reising says: "I soon learned that there was another great motive to becoming vegetarian–the negative environmental effects of meat production."

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PETA Asks Amtrak to ‘Offset’ Beef-Based Fuel by Placing Pro-Vegan Ads on Train

PETA Asks Amtrak to ‘Offset’ Beef-Based Fuel by Placing Pro-Vegan Ads on Train

After learning that Amtrak is conducting tests of a beef tallow-based biodiesel fuel on its Heartland Flyer route between Oklahoma City and Fort Worth, PETA has dispatched a letter to Joseph Boardman, Amtrak’s president, CEO, and director, offering to pay to wrap the train with an ad touting the environmental benefits of a vegan diet.

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Feds doing 1st investigation of major meatpackers

Feds doing 1st investigation of major meatpackers



The federal government is conducting its first investigation into whether the handful of large meatpackers that slaughter most of the nation’s cattle are illegally or unfairly driving down cattle prices, according to an official representing independent beef producers nationwide.

The investigation is under way as the Justice and Agriculture Departments hold a series of antitrust hearings on competition in agriculture, and the USDA is expected to release sweeping antitrust rules covering the meat industry this spring.

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Rob Krentz Remembered

Rob Krentz Remembered

Jean Barton

Red Bluff Daily News

My friend Sue Krentz and I were state presidents of our respective organizations about the same time, 1995-96. We were both interested in ranching, federal lands and the problems encountered by long time ranching families. Their ranch was established in 1907, and was on the Mexican border. It is a 35,000-acre ranch and family operated.

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Life on the farm: TTU style

Life on the farm: TTU style

Herald Citizen

Katie Lehnert lifts herself expertly up and over the high plank-board fence enclosing about 30 cows. She and her team of three other current and recent TTU ag students — all young women in their 20s — have just sorted part of the 600 or so herd, given vaccinations to some and will ready others for sale.

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Humane Society pushes ag industry

Humane Society pushes ag industry


DesMoines Register

Farmers have found a new four-letter word: HSUS, as in the Humane Society of the United States.

The organization, with a budget of $130 million this year, has the livestock industry on its heels by winning ballot measures restricting how animals can be housed and through a series of undercover investigations of packinghouses and farms, most recently at a series of Iowa egg operations.

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