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Video Feature: The Legacy of Cattle in Colorado, Corwin Brown and Renee Rondeau

Colorado rancher Corwin Brown and Ecologist Renee Rondeau talk about how well managed cattle grazing plays a critical role in improving and protecing habitat for wildlife.

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Ohio Group Launches Campaign on Statewide Issue 2

Ohio Group Launches Campaign on Statewide Issue 2

Beef Today

Advocating for an ample supply of safe, affordable, Ohio-raised food and excellent care of the state’s livestock and poultry, leaders of Ohioans for Livestock Care announced the first phase of the statewide outreach campaign in support of passage of State Issue 2. Issue 2 calls for the creation of the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board (the Board) – a board of Ohio experts in animal care, veterinary medicine, food safety and farm management, as well as consumer and humane society members.

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Preparation of vaccine, syringe important when giving cattle injections

Preparation of vaccine, syringe important when giving cattle injections

Gayle Smith

Tri State Livestock News

One of the highlights in the cattle area during Husker Harvest Days was a presentation on how to properly clean and store a vaccine gun and prepare vaccine for injections.

Drew Gaffney, Beef Quality Assurance Coordinator with the Nebraska Cattlemen, gave the presentation during Husker Harvest Days in Grand Island, NE. Gaffney’s message to the crowd of cattlemen was if the vaccine isn’t prepared and administered correctly in a well-cleaned syringe, producers may as well just shoot the vaccine over the back of the animal for all the good it will do.

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TB Not a Threat to Indiana Cattle

TB Not a Threat to Indiana Cattle

Gary Truitt

Hoosier AG Today

In November of 2008 a single cow form an Indiana farm in Franklin County was found to have Tuberculosis. This was discovered during slaughter at a packing plant in Pennsylvania. Since then, the Indiana Board of Animal Health has been investigating.

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This cowboy advice column is inspired by the Ventura County Star. Three cowboys answer questions about love and life.

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Genetics and Marbling

Genetics and Marbling

Steve Suther

Angus Journal

That’s partly because of the wide range of research results and subsequent advice to producers, along with a segmented beef supply chain and erratic market signals.

Beef producers who select for quality may already know marbling is “moderately to highly heritable.” They may even know that average heritability is near 45%, and understand that is defined as the part of the variance in a trait that you see, after allowing for environmental factors.

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NC Cattlemen referendum is Tuesday

NC Cattlemen referendum is Tuesday

The Enquirer Journal

A referendum on assessing North Carolina cattlemen an additional $1 per head for all cattle sold and marketed in the state will be held Tuesday. The Union County Cooperative Extension Center at the Agricultural Services Center will serve as the Union County polling place. Polls will be open from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.

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