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Video Feature: Blackleg in Cattle

Dr. Clyde Lane University of Tennessee, Beef Extension Specialist, discusses this important topic.

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 Beef Team gives tips for parasite control in the cow herd

 Beef Team gives tips for parasite control in the cow herd

Bethany Funnell, DVM, University of Minnesota Beef Team

Farm and Ranch Guide

Father Time has just turned a page in the book, and ushered in Jack Frost.

September was one of wonderfully warm weather, which in some areas, was just what the crops needed to finish out their life cycle, and produce harvestable fruits.

The changing of the season also ushers in the next steps in the cattle production cycle.

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A Profit Opportunity For Cowboys? Really!

A Profit Opportunity For Cowboys? Really!

The Farm Gate

Is there a turnaround occurring in the cattle market? Apparently, cowboys see some opportunities for profitability and their recent actions to increase feedlot inventories indicate a light at the end of the tunnel for the beef industry. Is that a glimmer of hope or is that an approaching train wreck?

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Care of the Newborn Immediately After Calving

Care of the Newborn Immediately After Calving

 Dr. Glenn Selk, Extension Cattle Specialist, Oklahoma State University

Delayed passage through the birth canal in the face of a faltering placenta compromises oxygenation of the calf.  Although the calf is able to breathe as soon as its nose passes the lips of the vulva, expansion of the chest is restricted by the narrow birth canal.  This situation is seriously aggravated when continuous forced traction is applied.

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Managing Herd Health, When Times are Bad…or Good

Managing Herd Health, When Times are Bad…or Good

Troy Smith

Hereford World

Veterinarian recommends producers implement health practices when they will deliver maximum benefit, not based on convenience.

Most agricultural economists say key indicators suggest better times ahead for people in the cow business. Declining U.S. cattle numbers mean more limited beef supplies, which should push beef and cattle prices higher. Complicating things is this worldwide economic recession, which has dampened demand for beef domestically and in foreign markets.

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7 Ways To Sink Your Family Beef Operation

7 Ways To Sink Your Family Beef Operation

Kindra Gordon

Angus Journal

When multiple generations of a family work together in business — be it a farm, ranch or feedlot — there will be moments when things are not “swell,” says Ron Hanson, a University of Nebraska ag economics professor.

During his career as a university professor, Hanson has spent his own personal time the past 32 years working to help farm and ranch families successfully pass their business from one generation to the next. Having grown up on an Illinois family farm himself, Hanson understands the stressful situations and difficulties that multigenerational family operations may encounter in this transition process.

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Becoming A Carcass Ultrasound Technician

Becoming A Carcass Ultrasound Technician

Patrick Wall, The National CUP Lab

The telephone at The National CUP Lab rings often in the spring of each year, but as the bull & female sale season winds down, the clients’ questions begin to change from barnsheets, images, and data processing to “How do I become a field technician?” Despite the rapid growth of available scanning technicians in the last five years, there are still parts of the country that thirst for someone to scan their cattle. Seeing an opportunity, a number of creative cattlemen have filled the void in their area by becoming a certified technician. On the surface, getting into the ultrasound scanning business seems quite simple: learn the science, buy equipment, find cattle, and scan ‘em.

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House OKs funds for bio-defense facility in Kansas

House OKs funds for bio-defense facility in Kansas


The House approved a $32 million conditional start to a facility in Manhattan, Kan., to study animal diseases. The condition is that the Department of Homeland Security first must complete a risk-assessment study for the location.

Construction on the National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility could begin as early as summer 2010. However, if the study finds problems, the location may move or building could be delayed to address concerns.

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University of Idaho extension centers could close

University of Idaho extension centers could close

AG Weekly

A University of Idaho official says the Parma Research and Extension Center in southwest Idaho remains at risk of shutting down due to the latest round of state budget cuts.

The Idaho Statesman reports that John Hammel, the dean of the university’s College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, says extension centers in Tetonia in southeastern Idaho and Sandpoint in northern Idaho are also at risk.

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AHA Launches Online Auction Site: BuyHereford.com

AHA Launches Online Auction Site: BuyHereford.com

Beef Today

The American Hereford Association (AHA) has launched a new online auction Web site — BuyHereford.com — which will feature regular online consignment auctions.

This new marketing site will give Hereford breeders the power to reach potential customers worldwide. Designed to help producers with any herd size, this service provides a marketing option for those producers who do not host annual production sales and can be a complementary outlet for those who do host a production sale.

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Copper Oxide Boluses for Grazing Cattle

Copper Oxide Boluses for Grazing Cattle

John D. Arthington, University of Florida

The significance of supplemental copper for grazing cattle in Florida has been realized for many years. In most all situations, a balanced, free-choice, salt-based mineral supplement will provide adequate copper nutrition. More recently, I have had several inquires at the Range Cattle REC regarding the use of commercial boluses containing copper oxide needles. This form of supplementation involves the oral administration of a gelatin capsule (bolus) containing a measured amount of copper oxide in the form of small needle particles.

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We Can Help Shape the Future of our industry

We Can Help Shape the Future of our industry

Traci Middleton

Young Producers’ Council

The next few years are critical for our success as beef producers.   One of my primary concerns that we as young producers face is the transition of our family owned farms and ranch from generation to the next.  In our hardwood lumber business, this is a primary concern that weighs heavily on our minds each day.  With the passing of each generation, it becomes increasingly more difficult to shift ownership without detrimental impacts to our individual operations. 

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Crossbreeding Systems for Small Herds of Beef Cattle

Crossbreeding Systems for Small Herds of Beef Cattle

Bill Lamberson, John Massey and Jack C. Whittier, Department of Animal Sciences, University of Missouri

Crossbreeding in commercial beef cattle production improves efficiency through heterosis and breed complementation. Heterosis or hybrid vigor is an advantage in performance of crossbreds compared to the average performance of the parental breeds. Heterosis is particularly strong for traits that are lowly heritable such as conception rate, preweaning liveability of calves and preweaning growth

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Farmers should ‘stay long’ in cattle

Farmers should ‘stay long’ in cattle


Cattle farmers are poised to enjoy better times as the economic recovery takes hold at a time of shrinking herd numbers, two leading academics have advised in separate reports.

Mark Welch, an economist at Texas AgriLife Extension Service, said cattle farmers faced a "very profitable future", thanks to the squeeze reflected in a decline in heifer numbers – an indication of breeding potential – to a 30-year low.

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American Hereford Association unit’s partners beef up revenue

American Hereford Association unit’s partners beef up revenue

Kansas City Business Journal

Partner companies of CHB LLC, a subsidiary of the American Hereford Association, had a 6.6 percent increase in certified Hereford beef revenue in the fiscal year that ended Aug. 31 compared with the prior year.

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