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Video Feature: Increase Value of Calves

Dr. Clyde Lane University of Tennessee details to make you calves bring more this fall

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Jump-start Immunity

Jump-start Immunity

Kim Watson-Potts

Beef Today

When you think of boosting animal immunity, you may think of vaccines. These products are important to an effective receiving program; however, having animals on a good plan of nutrition is critical to a vaccine’s effectiveness.

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Protect Your Herd from a Hard-to-Diagnose Culprit

Protect Your Herd from a Hard-to-Diagnose Culprit


Texas Cattle Raisers Association

Dogs and cattle share an unfortunate disease caused by Neospora caninum

Neosporosis is a disease caused by Neospora caninum, a protozoan parasite first recognized in 1984 in dogs in Norway.  It is now the most commonly diagnosed cause of abortion in cattle in most countries.

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BeefTalk: Four Tons of Calf Is Not Easy to Give Up

BeefTalk: Four Tons of Calf Is Not Easy to Give Up

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Delayed Calving Costs Pounds Delayed Calving Costs Pounds

Evaluate the cows, check the condition score and take steps to start improving the most likely problem, which is cow nutrition.

The fall of the year is the time to make herd evaluations and managerial and nutritional improvements without fighting the weather. The key to understanding the overall performance

Dead cattle in Montana prompt radiation inquiry

Dead cattle in Montana prompt radiation inquiry

The Cattle Business Weekly

A team from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and officials with the Montana Department of Livestock are investigating after eight head of cattle were found dead on a ranch near Brady, Mont. according to the Associated Press.

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Q&A:   How do you test for TB in cattle?

Q&A:   How do you test for TB in cattle?

Dr. Rick Rasby, Professor of Animal Science, Animal Science, University of Nebraska

A:   Tuberculosis in a cattle herd can often go undetected since the early stages of infection do not produce clinical signs. In later stages, signs are lethargy, weakness, anorexia, pneumonia, fever, and chronic moist cough. Most cases of bovine TB in the US are detected by veterinary meat inspectors from apparently healthy cattle, and the animal is then traced back to the source herd.

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Beef Production Glossary: BIF Fact Sheet

Beef Production Glossary: BIF Fact Sheet

John Massey, Department of Animal Sciences, University of Missouri

Beef production terms and phrases you should be familiar with.

# Accuracy (of selection)

Correlation between an animal’s unknown actual breeding value and a calculated estimated breeding value.

# Average daily gain (ADG)

Measurement of daily body weight change in animal on a feed test. Most tests for bulls are 140 or 160 days long.

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