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Video Feature: Controlled Grazing

Dr. Clyde Lane University of Tennessee, Beef Extension Specialist, discusses this important topic.

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Implant strategies for cow/calf producers

Implant strategies for cow/calf producers

Amanda Nolz

Sit in the sale barn one afternoon, and a beef producer could observe cattle marketed a dozen different ways. A load of 600 pound, non-implanted calves moves through the ring, followed by a set of 600 pound implanted calves. Both loads are the same color, same frame score, same weight.

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Beef Meetings Concentrate on Successful Calving

Beef Meetings Concentrate on Successful Calving

Indiana Ag Connection

Producers can get a head start for calving season by taking advice from area experts.

The 2009-2010 area beef meetings, hosted by the Indiana Beef Cattle Association (IBCA) and Purdue University, will take place in Indiana’s 10 Extension Areas, between November and January.

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Check-Off Dollars are Far-Reaching Tools

Check-Off Dollars are Far-Reaching Tools

LaRayne Topp


Wording in the act clearly states how checkoff dollars can – and can’t – be spent. The dollars can’t be used to influence government actions or for lobbying. But they can be used to advance the image and desirability of beef and beef products to stimulate sales in the marketplace; to fund food science research and new product development; to design nutritional information to assist people in the purchase and preparation of beef; and to educate the public about production practices and its effect on the environment, food safety and the animals themselves.

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NAIS:  Vilsack Said Future Program Responsive to Cattle Industry Concerns

NAIS:  Vilsack Said Future Program Responsive to Cattle Industry Concerns

Katie Micik

DTN/Progressive Farmer

The future of the National Animal Identification System is in one man’s hands: Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack. This summer, Vilsack announced he wanted to reevaluate the program and hosted 14 listening sessions that drew loud, and often angry, opposition.

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Issue 2 can have positive influence on agriculture

Issue 2 can have positive influence on agriculture

Margaret Reid

Ironton Tribune

Listed as Issue 2 on ballot in November, the proposed amendment to the state constitution is Ohio’s plan to assure excellent care for Ohio livestock and poultry while guaranteeing a safe food supply that is locally grown and reasonably priced. The Livestock Care Board will bring a wide range of the best Ohio expertise available to establish rules for care of livestock and poultry within the state. Veterinarians, farmers, food scientists, local humane society representatives, consumers, the dean of an Ohio agricultural college and the Ohio Secretary of Agriculture will bring together the many different points of view that are rooted in science, data and research.

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R-CALF says Obama broke promise

R-CALF says Obama broke promise


In a strongly worded four-page letter to the U.S. Department of Justice (Justice), 17 R-CALF USA officers, directors and committee chairs from 12 states on Thursday expressed deep disappointment that Justice failed to properly investigate the antitrust implications associated with Brazilian-based JBS S.A.’s (JBS’) acquisition of Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation (Pilgrim’s Pride).

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Together wildlife, livestock can improve bottom line

Together wildlife, livestock can improve bottom line

High Plains Journal

Ranchers who manage both for livestock and wildlife can reap significant economic benefits from both, said a ranch-based wildlife manager at a recent grazing conference organized by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

"When we realized there was quite a demand for quality big game hunting, we developed a hunting program where there were a lot of mature bucks with nice antlers," said Rick Danvir, wildlife manager for the Deseret Land and Livestock Ranch near Woodruff, Utah.

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Turn Frost-damaged Corn into Silage

Turn Frost-damaged Corn into Silage

The Cattle Business Weekly

This year, late-seeded corn destined for grain may have been damaged by frost, but it still can be used.

"The weather continues to complicate the farming and ranching scene," North Dakota State University Extension Service dairy specialist J.W. Schroeder says.

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Sort young cows from mature cows

Sort young cows from mature cows

Dr. Glenn Selk, Extension Cattle Specialist, Oklahoma State University

First calf heifers have historically been the toughest females on the ranch to get rebred.  They are being asked to continue to grow, produce milk, repair the reproductive tract, and have enough stored body energy (fat) to return to heat cycles in a short time frame.  Two-year old cows must fill all of these energy demands at a time when their mouth is going through the transition from baby teeth to adult teeth.

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Reader ruminations on cattle … or bovine … or cows?

Reader ruminations on cattle … or bovine … or cows?

Kevin Kittredge

The Roanoke Times

Now and then, we journalists write something so shocking, so compelling, so poignant that it touches something truly vital in our readers. On those occasions, your feedback literally overwhelms us.

Such was the case with our recent CornerShot about cattle.

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Carefully Consider A Backgrounding Decision

Carefully Consider A Backgrounding Decision

BEEF Magazine

A drop in calf prices has some folks thinking about feeding their calves and selling the extra weight rather than marketing them this fall. But before you leap, a number of variables should be considered, says John Dhuyvetter, North Dakota State University (NDSU) Extension livestock specialist near Minot. Two to consider are feed costs and the anticipated marketing time.

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Efficiency AND Sustainability: The Future of American Agriculture

Efficiency AND Sustainability: The Future of American Agriculture

Bill Even, South Dakota Secretary of Agriculture

The Cattle Business Weekly

When my great-grandfather homesteaded our family farm in 1883, he worked hard to establish an operation he could pass on to future generations. Like most farmers, he sought to improve the farm by becoming more efficient–especially by altering his management techniques to increase yields on the crops he planted.

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Maintain Body Condition Between Calving and the Breeding Season

Maintain Body Condition Between Calving and the Breeding Season

Dr. Glenn Selk, Extension Cattle Specialist, Oklahoma State University

Body condition score at calving is the single most important trait determining when a cow resumes heat cycles and therefore when she is likely to re-conceive for the next calf crop.  However, it is also very important to avoid condition loss between calving and the breeding season to maintain excellent rebreeding performance.

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Prop 11 stirs eminent domain debate in Texas

Prop 11 stirs eminent domain debate in Texas

Kelley Shannon

Kileen Daily Herald

A proposition banning governments from taking Texans’ property for private development is last on the Nov. 3 ballot but is getting ample attention from the Republican candidates for governor, farmers and anti-toll road activists.

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