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Video Feature: Improve Pastures by Renovating

Dr. Clyde Lane University of Tennessee, Beef Extension Specialist, discusses this important topic.

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Baxter Black, DVM: TOOTH FERRY

Baxter Black, DVM:  TOOTH FERRY

I lost a tooth today. The molar on the northwest side next to my only wisdom tooth that ever came in. Which explains why sometimes I go over the edge of common sense.

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Exposing Nine Vaccine Myths

Exposing Nine Vaccine Myths

Hereford World

With so many cattle vaccines available — nearly 125 different vaccines are currently on the market — there is a considerable amount of information, and misinformation, out there. To help clear up some misconceptions, Vic Cortese, DVM, Pfizer Animal Health, busts nine common vaccine myths.

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Freeze Branding Cattle

Freeze Branding Cattle

Jack C. Whittier and James E. Ross, Department of Animal Sciences, University of Missouri

Freeze branding as a method of livestock identification has been received with enthusiasm. When super-cold or chilled branding irons are applied to the hide of the animal, the pigment-producing cells are destroyed or altered. When the hair grows back, it is white. The method is not foolproof, and those using it should be aware that the results may be variable.

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Evaluate supplemental feeding programs carefully this winter

Evaluate supplemental feeding programs carefully this winter

David Barz, D.V.M., Northwest Vet Supply

Livestock Roundup

After the summer that never arrived, we have now entered early winter with no fall. The cold weather and early snows have most of my cow/calf producers wondering if they have enough winter feed gathered.

All people have to do is visit the local sale barn and they soon understand market cows and calves are not worth what they have been for the past several years. That leads to the question, "What can I afford for supplemental feeding?"

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Reasons for antibiotic resistance vary

Reasons for antibiotic resistance vary

Farm Forum

Suggesting that antibiotic resistance primarily stems from antibiotic abuse or misuse doesn’t accurately tell the whole story, according to a report by the American Academy of Microbiology (AAM). The group says even appropriate antibiotic use has, among other causes, contributed to the spread of resistance, underscoring the complexity of explaining its causes.

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Foot Rot in Grazing Cattle

Foot Rot in Grazing Cattle


Foot rot is a subacute or acute necrotic (decaying) infectious disease of cattle, causing swelling and lameness in one or more feet. The disease can become chronic, with a poorer prognosis for recovery if treatment is delayed, which results in deeper structures of the toe becoming affected.

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Beef Safety- From Pasture to Plate

Beef Safety- From Pasture to Plate

Midwest AG Net

The Missouri Beef Industry Council recently utilized the $1 per head beef checkoff to present at the Missouri Environmental Health Association’s (MEHA) Annual Convention.  The MEHA is the professional organization for Health inspectors-in the areas of food safety, sanitation and environment.

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Feeding High Quality, Low Test Weight and Sprouted Wheat

Feeding High Quality, Low Test Weight and Sprouted Wheat

David Lalman, Assistant Professor and Extension Beef Cattle Specialist, Greg Highfill

Area Extension Livestock Specialist, Oklahoma State University

Wheat grain has long been recognized as an excellent energy feed resource for livestock. Because wheat is generally used for human food consumption, it is typically priced higher than feed grains, such as corn and milo on an equal weight basis. Higher prices result in modest use as a feed grain during most years.

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Cumberland man convicted of failing to register cattle

Cumberland man convicted of failing to register cattle


A western Wisconsin farmer is the first person convicted of violating a law requiring owners to register their livestock with state officials.

Patrick Monchilovich of Cumberland was found guilty of violating the 2005 law and ordered to pay nearly $400 in fines and costs.

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Successful Bull Breeding

Successful Bull Breeding


The keys to successful bull breeding are pregnancy and calving rates, says Roger Ellis, a beef cattle veterinarian at the University of Georgia. He believes that optimising a bull’s performance is the most effective tool in natural breeding.

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Company adds to offerings

Company adds to offerings

St. Joseph News-Press

AgriLabs Inc. said Monday it will add three cattle vaccines to its line of animal health products.

The St. Joseph-based company acquired exclusive rights to sell, market and distribute vaccines previously sold by Boehringer Inghelheim Vetmedica Inc. The drugs are Pulmo-Guard PHM-1, Pulmo-Guard PH-M and the combination Express 5-PHM.

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Winter Rations for Cattle

Winter Rations for Cattle

Samantha Mehrotra


As winter rolls around, it`s important for cattle producers to keep their cows healthy, so they can make a good profit from their livestocks next year.

And now is the time to start building winter rations for cows. Warren Froelich, Williams County Extension Agent, says there are a few key nutrients that the feed needs to have to provide the most sustenance for your livestock.

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Texas A&M providing agricultural training to Iraqis visiting Texas as part of USDA-funded project

Texas A&M providing agricultural training to Iraqis visiting Texas as part of USDA-funded project


Paul Schattenberg

A U.S. Department of Agriculture-funded project being led by Texas A&M University has brought Iraqi agricultural personnel to Texas for training and to introduce them to new technologies and methods that may be applied in Iraq.

The 13 Iraqis – 10 from Iraq’s Ministry of Agriculture, two from the University of Baghdad and one from the University of Babil – are receiving agricultural instruction at Texas AgriLife facilities throughout the Lone Star State as part of the Iraq Agricultural Extension Revitalization project.

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The Hearst Family Ranch.

The Hearst Family Ranch.

Pervaiz Shallwani

Being the great, great, great granddaughter of media baron William Randolph Hearst has its perks, even when you’re a chef. In New York, while her kin toll in the publishing and broadcasting empire uptown at Hearst Tower, chef Emma Hearst is downtown showcasing the family beef at Sorella.

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