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Baxter Black, DVM:  LIZARD ABUSE


(AgP) Attorneys for the Extreme Humane Society of the United Suers (X-HSUS) have filed suit in the San Francisco Court of Steals, Deals, Repeals and Conceals against Geico (Government Engineered Insurance Conspirators) for Mistreatment, Mental Anguish and Misrepresentation of Reptiles.  Conjugal charges involve Impersonation of the British (a protected aboriginal group in western European Socialist Republic) and using humor for frivolous purposes.


Effective Pest Control Strategies Critical Component in Overall Strategic Program

Effective Pest Control Strategies Critical Component in Overall Strategic Program

Blair Ciecko

American Cattlemen

During the past couple of years we have seen the economy negatively impact the profitability of many cattle operators across the country. And, while the outlook has been slowly improving, there is still a combination of factors that have many on edge


More Regulations for Livestock Farms?

More Regulations for Livestock Farms?

Gary Baise

Bacon’s Rebellion

Environmental groups, including the Natural Resources Defense Council, Sierra Club, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Waterkeeper Alliance reached a Settlement Agreement with EPA in 2009 which required EPA, by May 28, 2010, to develop a guidance document “…designed to assist permitting authorities in implementing NPDES permit regulations and Effluent Limitations Guidelines and Standards for concentrated feeding operations (CAFOs)…”.


Record keeping for the ranch

Record keeping for the ranch

Amanda Nolz

Tri State Livestock News

Record keeping. It’s been compared to sitting in a dentist chair or cleaning the bathroom. It’s a chore that is often put on the back burner in lieu of more important tasks on the ranch like chores, baling hay and fixing fence.


Handling Rained on Hay

Handling Rained on Hay

Dr. Bruce Anderson, Professor of Agronomy, University of Nebraska

Rained on hay causes many problems. Obviously, feed value of the hay is lowered. And many times, in our rush to put this hay up, it gets baled or stacked too wet, which causes mold or heat damage to develop.


Proposed Livestock Marketing Rules Produce Heated Debate

Proposed Livestock Marketing Rules Produce Heated Debate

Gary Truitt

Hoosier AG Today

USDA is looking to make major livestock and poultry marketing reforms. According to the American Meat Institute, the proposed rule, unveiled last Friday, attempts to dramatically change the way livestock are procured and marketed in the U.S. The debate is whether that change is for the better.


Ranchers and environmentalists go to bat for El Dorado grasslands

Ranchers and environmentalists go to bat for El Dorado grasslands

Carlos Alcalá

Sacramento Bee

Ed Borba’s hat, mustache, oversized belt buckle and boots suggest a rancher. The bumper sticker on his truck completes the picture. It reads, “Eat Beef: The West Wasn’t Won on Salad.”


Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association offers free Cattlemen’s Field Day in Mount Pleasant June 23

Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association offers free Cattlemen’s Field Day in Mount Pleasant June 23

North Texas E-News

Ranchers in the Mount Pleasant area can attend a free Cattlemen’s Field Day hosted by the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TSCRA). The field day will take place Wednesday, June 23, at the Titus County Extension Office in Mount Pleasant, Texas.


Steve Cornett: More from Mark Schatzker

Steve Cornett:  More from Mark Schatzker

Beef Today

This grassfed beef thread has been interesting. You’ll recall that it started with an off-handed comment I posted about Mark’s book. I tend to be a little defensive toward feedyards and fed beef, and that showed through, I suppose.


Agriculture Doing More With Less

Agriculture Doing More With Less

Joe Janak

Victoria Advocate

We’ve all seen dramatic and sweeping changes in agriculture over the years. For example, we went from two and four row planters when I was a kid to 24 and 32 row planters today. These are easy-to-see changes. But other changes are many times harder to see. According to Jose G. Peña, professor and Extension economist-manager in Uvalde, during the last 60 years, U.S. agriculture has dramatically increased production efficiency.


Study shows ground beef from grain-fed cattle healthier than grass-fed

Study shows ground beef from grain-fed cattle healthier than grass-fed


Grass-fed beef may not have as many healthful traits as some perceive, according to results from a recent Texas AgriLife Research study.

Dr. Stephen Smith, an AgriLife Research meat scientist, and a team of researchers have found that contrary to popular perception, ground beef from pasture-fed cattle had no beneficial effects on plasma lipid.


USDA Issues Proposed Rule on Livestock Marketing

USDA Issues Proposed Rule on Livestock Marketing


On June 22, USDA’s Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration (GIPSA) will publish a proposed rule, as required by the 2008 farm bill and through existing authority under the Packers and Stockyards Act, that the agency says will provide significant new protections for producers against unfair, fraudulent or retaliatory practices.


Parasite control

Parasite control

Dave Barz, DVM

Tri State Livestock News

For now the drought is over. Many have received ten inches of rain in the last few days. The row crops will suffer but the pastures should do well. These wet conditions will benefit the parasite larva that over wintered in our pastures.


Plant A Forage Crop After Wheat

Plant A Forage Crop After Wheat

Hay and Forage Grower

With this year’s plentiful moisture conditions, Nebraska farmers who want to plant a forage crop after the wheat harvest have many options, says Bruce Anderson, University of Nebraska Extension forage specialist.


Analysis of Global Beef Market – Market Research Reports on Aarkstore Enterprise

Analysis of Global Beef Market – Market Research Reports on Aarkstore Enterprise


Beef is one of the important sources of protein. With the growth in world economy, the beef consumption has seen a significant rise in past and hence it is now the third most preferred source of protein in meat consumption. World beef production and consumption is growing steadily and is expected to grow further. As the income level of the consumers has increased over the years, the food consumption pattern is seeing a shift to premium food products (which includes beef) which offer more nutrition.