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Video Feature: Biosecurity in the Beef Herd

Video Feature:  Biosecurity in the Beef Herd

Dr. Ron Lemenager cover the best management practices to employ on a beef herd to insure adequate health safety and health security.



Charles L. Stoltenow, DVM, DACVPM

Carrie J. Hammer, DVM, PhD

Anthrax occurs worldwide and is associated with sudden death of cattle and sheep. Anthrax can infect all warm-blooded animals, including humans.

The anthrax organism (Bacillus anthracis) has the ability to form spores and become resistant to adverse conditions. Pasteurization or ordinary disinfectants may destroy anthrax organisms in animals or their secretions.

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The nation’s Beef Quality Assurance programs

The nation’s Beef Quality Assurance programs

High Plains Journal

The nation’s Beef Quality Assurance programs are vital to helping cattlemen give the beef consumer a wholesome eating experience, according to program coordinators.

To inform cattle producers in the South Central Texas area, a free Beef Quality Assurance program will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on May 22 in Marion, said Jerry Warren, Texas AgriLife Extension service agent for agriculture in Bexar County.

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Unrefined salts vital to livestock and plant health

Unrefined salts vital to livestock and plant health


The Prairie Star

For years, health care professionals, knowing of the importance of salt and minerals to human health, have used them in hospital IVs. Now research coming out of major universities is showing that animals and even plants benefit from the proper use of salts and minerals.

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Award-Winning Cattle Operations Safeguard Land, Water

Award-Winning Cattle Operations Safeguard Land, Water

Kurt Lawton


For cattle producers, sustainability goes beyond the loving care for animals, the land and water. It’s also about maintaining economic viability in the face of down markets, increasing regulations and extreme activism by those who demand their beef be raised on idyllic pastures—viewing everything else as a factory of unhappy animals in unhealthy conditions.

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What will happen if a Foreign Animal Disease is identified on my premise?

What will happen if a Foreign Animal Disease is identified on my premise?


If a foreign animal disease such as Foot and Mouth disease is identified on your property, you will receive prompt and thorough instructions from state and federal animal health regulatory agencies about what to do.

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Proper Fly Control Begins With Correct Timing

Proper Fly Control Begins With Correct Timing

Clifford Mitchell

Cattle Today

Identifying timelines or setting deadlines often lends itself to successful management. Obviously, things like calving season and breeding season are a given and some of the most important for the operation. Planning often revolves around weather and end product marketing.

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