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Video Feature: Drovers TV

Video Feature:  Drovers TV

This Drovers TV webcast features:

-Colorado rancher and scientist George Seidel at Rabbit Creek Ranch

-Jim Buchs discusses harvest and storage issues affecting hay quality

-Adding value through age, source and process verification

-A new service intended to help producers protect against theft



Back before the collapse of the United Soviet Socialist Republic we had visitors from Romania tour our feedlot.  We explained the program including cost of cattle, feed, maintenance, and cost of gain.  “How much will they pay you for your cattle?” they asked.

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Producers Must Reduce Stress to Maintain Performance and Profits

Producers Must Reduce Stress to Maintain Performance and Profits

Stephen B. Blezinger, Ph.D., PAS

Cattle Today

Part 3

Over the last couple of issues we have been discussing different types of stress and the effects it has on the cow herd. In this final part of the series we’ll take a look at nutritional and health stress and how it can also affect the animal.

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Beef Tour Explores Production at the Grass Roots Level

Beef Tour Explores Production at the Grass Roots Level

Maegan Crandall

Lancaster Farming

Beef producers, educators, dietitians, chefs and local consumers gathered recently at the home of Rich Brown —owner and operator of Equity Angus — for an educational pasture-to-plate tour sponsored by the New York beef industry council.

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Cattle just numbers in today’s larger herds

Cattle just numbers in today’s larger herds

Brian Cross


Poor cattle prices and rising production costs are changing the way producers care for their animals, says a veterinary professor from the University of Calgary.

Not all of the changes are good.

Eugene Janzen, who has practiced veterinary medicine since the early 1970s, said Canadian beef producers are raising cattle more efficiently than ever.

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Steve Cornett:   Your Cows and Your Prostate

Steve Cornett:   Your Cows and Your Prostate

Beef Today

If we could watch ourselves working cattle through the eyes of a teenager from downtown Houston, what would we think?

We are, in these days of Facebook videos and spy phones, sitting ducks.

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Southeast Kansas Research Center holds field day

Southeast Kansas Research Center holds field day

Doug Rich

High Plains Journal

It was the beef cattle and forage crops field day, but the underlying theme was ethanol production and how it relates to beef cattle and forage production.

As ethanol production grows, so does the supply of distillers dried grains, and beef producers continue to look for the most efficient ways to use and store this plentiful byproduct. One bushel of corn produces 2.7 gallons of ethanol, 18 pounds of CO2 and 18 pounds of DDG, which has three times the nutrient value of corn.

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