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Hoof Anatomy, Care and Management in Livestock

Hoof Anatomy, Care and Management in Livestock

Kate Hepworth, Animal Sciences Student; Dr. Michael Neary, Extension Animal Scientist; Dr. Simon Kenyon, Extension Veterinarian.

The hoof is an extremely important structure in an animal’s body. Although an animal with hoof problems may be able to function, chances are that optimal animal production and performance will be reduced depending upon the severity of the problem.

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Helping Cattle Keep Their Cool

Helping Cattle Keep Their Cool

Laura McGinness

Angus Journal

Cattle may not worry about job security or credit history, but that doesn’t mean their lives are stress-free. For some cattle, rising stress levels correspond with rising temperatures. This can be a problem for the many cattle raised in the Central Plains, a region subject to long periods of extreme heat in the summer.

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Red Angus and Simmental share resources for joint EPDs

Red Angus and Simmental share resources for joint EPDs

AG Weekly

The Red Angus Association of America (RAAA) and American Simmental Association (ASA) are combing resources for multi-breed genetic evaluation (MBGE) of their growth and carcass trait EPDs.

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How The Game Is Played

How The Game Is Played

Bovine Veterinarian

“Is your farm YouTube ready?” That was a seminar presented at this year’s World Pork Expo, but the question isn’t exclusive to pork producers, it certainly applies to anyone in animal agriculture today. The point of the seminar was to show producers what some people are saying about modern livestock production practices and what producers need to consider in terms of on-farm actions, policies and personnel.

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Separating The Federation And NCBA?

Separating The Federation And NCBA?


The Federation of State Beef Councils would continue to be a strong checkoff entity but would be free from the influence of any policy organisation if it was a separate entity from the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA), recommends the Cattlemen’s Beef Board (CBB).

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BeefTalk: Roaming Bulls Are a Brute Force

BeefTalk: Roaming Bulls Are a Brute Force

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

After months spent developing the right grazing system, building good fences, buying the right bulls, selecting the best cows and matching one’s resources to the best calving season, all the learning and preparation is ready to be executed.

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Procedures can calm beef cattle

Procedures can calm beef cattle


Capital Press

‘If you handle animals every day, they get real tame’

Temple Grandin discussed cattle handling and autism at a June 18 special event sponsored by the Food Alliance. Before her presentation and an HBO movie about her life, she sat down for a visit with the Capital Press.

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