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Video Feature: Estrus Detection

Video Feature:  Estrus Detection

Dr. Allen Bridges details methods for detection of estrus in beef cattle, part of an efficient breeding program.

Kissing Your Sister

Kissing Your Sister

John Harrington, DTN Livestock Analyst

Sometimes kissing you sister can be more satisfying than it sounds. I suppose the same is true about being happy with a tie after playing 90 minutes of World Cup soccer (okay, that bit I really can’t imagine).

It’s always a matter of alternatives. That’s why cattle feeders are feeling pretty good this week about trading steers and heifers at steady money (i.e., $91 in the South, mostly $146 in the North).

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Form 1099 Headaches For Farmers

Form 1099 Headaches For Farmers


You may soon need another month at the end of the year, just to get all of your tax information ready to visit your tax advisor. Several major changes were recently made in the US tax code, and one, in particular, will hit hard at farmers. If you have ever received a Form 1099 from a company paying you, keep that in mind, because you will have to issue Form 1099 to many companies that you are paying. And that is only part of it!

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Watch out for weevils

Watch out for weevils

Alaina Mousel

Tri State Livestock News

In the western part of South Dakota, it’s not typical to have large numbers of alfalfa weevils – but this year may be the exception.

“We’ve been seeing a large number of weevils this year,” said Dusty Jager, SDSU Extension Educator, Fall River County, range management.

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Q&A: My bloated calf is acting normal but keeps producing abscess’…We are giving her antibiotic shots every three days.

Q&A: My bloated calf is acting normal but keeps producing abscess’…We are giving her antibiotic shots every three days.

Just Answer

If the pus inside the abscesses are thick and cheesy, I would suspect a bacteria called Corynebacteria.

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Nebraska Helps Expand Agricultural Education Program to More Producers

Nebraska Helps Expand Agricultural Education Program to More Producers

University of Nebraska

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Oklahoma State University have partnered with Kansas State University to help expand K-State’s educational program for agricultural producers.

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Keep Livestock Away from Poison Hemlock

Keep Livestock Away from Poison Hemlock

Candace Pollock

The Ohio State University

The carrot family, which boasts a variety of familiar edibles such as parsley, celery, carrots, anise, fennel and cilantro, also contains a highly poisonous plant that many people confuse for its nontoxic counterparts.

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Value of a written farm lease

Value of a written farm lease

University of Missouri

Farmers and landowners can avoid many potential misunderstandings and disputes by developing a written farm lease, said a University of Missouri Extension agriculture business specialist.

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Pinkeye In Cattle: A Reason To Clip Pastures?

Pinkeye In Cattle: A Reason To Clip Pastures?

Joplin Regional Stockyards

Pinkeye, as it is usually named and defined in textbooks, is caused by a bacterial infection of the surface of the eyeball and the inner surfaces of the lids. Its technical name is infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis (infectious=caused by an infecting organism; kerato=referring to the cornea of the eye; conjunctiv = referring to the pink tissues of the eyelids and the other soft red tissues of the eyeball; and "itis" = inflammation).

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Beef marketing seminar to address new market demands

Beef marketing seminar to address new market demands

Media Newswire

The demands of the beef industry are changing, leaving South Texas cattle producers with less profits than they could be making, according to a Texas AgriLife Extension Service expert.

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Don’t Treat Breeding Season Like It’s A Professional Sports Season

Don’t Treat Breeding Season Like It’s A Professional Sports Season


If you think about it, there are some basic similarities between a beef operation’s herd sires and a professional athlete. Both the sire and the athlete can be impressive physical specimens.

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The Benefits of a Healthy Whole Vegetarian Diet

The Benefits of a Healthy Whole Vegetarian Diet

Deirdre Imus

Fox News

Editor’s note: Stories of this ilk are included in the blog to inform those in our industry how agriculture is being presented to and perceived by the public.

When I was growing up I ate the SAD diet (Standard American Diet) – beef, mashed potatoes and tall glasses of milk. But I never felt well.

I realized I could perform better athletically and feel better with a vegetable and plant-based diet.

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Livestock program requires producers to show records

Livestock program requires producers to show records

Doug Niemeir

Fort Scott Tribune

Just this week I was attempting to gather a water sample off of the Marmaton Bridge (for a quality analysis study of our local streams sponsored by the Marmaton Watershed District and the local WRAPS group) when a rain storm enveloped me very quickly with lightning, thunder, as well as a bunch of rain.

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Lifting restrictions on FMD in Brazil?

Lifting restrictions on FMD in Brazil?

Southwest Farm Press

Thirty-four organizations, representing livestock associations, consumer groups, trade groups and manufacturing interests, are jointly participating in the Coalition to Protect the Health of the U.S. Livestock Herd to convince the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to immediately withdraw its plans to lift foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) restrictions for Brazil.

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Network adds value to beef cattle

Network adds value to beef cattle

David Cantrell, OSU Extension Educator


With the tight profit margin in the cow-calf segment, producers are aggressively looking at ways to add value to their calf crop and increase their net profits. Value is created when a product or service is enhanced to meet or exceed the expectation of the consumer consistently.

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