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Virginia Leader, cattle consultant, Vernon Kindig passes

Virginia Leader, cattle consultant,  Vernon Kindig passes

Vernon Kindig

Vernon Kindig



The News Leader

Vernon was a graduate of Stuarts Draft High School, Northeastern Oklahoma Junior College and Virginia Polytechnic Institute with a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. He was employed by the Virginia Angus Association, Abell Industries and Hallwood Enterprises. He also had an American farmer degree with the Future Farmers of America and was a well known beef seedstock consultant and breeder.

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Baxter Black: FUTURE COW

Baxter Black:  FUTURE COW

Amidst the calls that there should be a Greenhouse Gas Tax on ruminant animals (meaning cows; NOT meaning goats, rice, termites or water buffalo), exciting research is being done genetically to address the issue.

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Angus Association issues update on Neuropathic Hydrocephalus

Angus Association issues update on Neuropathic Hydrocephalus

A.I. organizations requested that the American Angus Association provide to the membership the identity of and preliminary test results for Angus bulls tested by Dr. Jon Beever of the University of Illinois to determine whether they were carriers or free of the mutation identified for severe hydrocephalus that Dr. Beever and Dr. Steffen are now referring to as Neuropathic Hydrocephalus (NH).

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Assisting the Beef Cow at Calving Time

Assisting the Beef Cow at Calving Time

Jack C. Whittier, Department of Animal Sciences, James G. Thorne, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Missouri

Six to 10 percent of all calves born in beef-cow herds in the United States die at or soon after birth. About half of those deaths are due to calving difficulty (dystocia). This multi-million dollar annual loss is second only to losses from failing to conceive.

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Feeding Management for Backgrounders

Feeding Management for Backgrounders

Dr. Greg Lardy, Beef Specialist, North Dakota State University

Starting Calves on Feed

Bunk breaking or training cattle to eat from a feed bunk can be a difficult process, especially if calves have never eaten processed feed before. Also, calves that have only drunk from streams or ponds may not know what a commercial waterer is.

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Put A Lock Down

Put A Lock Down

Kim Watson

Beef Today

Consider taking in lightweight cattle between 300 lb. to 400 lb. that are just pulled off their dams and herded into a backgrounding yard. If you’ve ever tried to manage a group of cattle like this, you know the potential for a coming wreck.

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Making cows count

Making cows count

Black Ink

Cows can’t do math, but their owners should at least do some counting. From financial balance sheets to stocking rates, a precise inventory is a must.

Beyond that, you need cows that are worth owning. Cows that matter, that count because of what they can profitably produce. That’s true regardless of herd size, and it’s true for the U.S. beef industry.

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