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Rep. Frank Lucas Sees Tax Increases, Higher Costs with Cap-and-Trade Legislation

Rep. Frank Lucas Sees Tax Increases, Higher Costs with Cap-and-Trade Legislation

Chris Clayton

Progressive Farmer

Frank Lucas, ranking member of the House Agriculture Committee, sees a major fight facing production agriculture in order to get ag practices acknowledged in any climate-change bill. Lucas also suspects that a cap-and-trade plan will require taxes to change how people use energy.

Lucas, R-Okla., represents nearly half of Oklahoma’s land mass, an area that often struggles to get enough moisture and also is known as “tornado alley.”

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BeefTalk: What Is EDI?

BeefTalk: What Is EDI?

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

EDI simply is the processes that allow different data sets to be transferred or shared among individuals or others to meet a need.

The beef industry is struggling with data and data tracking. This statement, while met with a wide range of pro and con reaction, does point to the fact that there is slippage occurring.

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Thune says EPA move brings ‘cow tax’ closer to reality

Thune says EPA move brings ‘cow tax’ closer to reality

Seth Tupper

The Daily Republic

South Dakota Sen. John Thune thinks a recent government declaration about carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases is a step toward the creation of a “cow tax,” but South Dakota’s other senator, Tim Johnson, disagrees.

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Behind the Scenes Look at Smith and Wollensky’s Prime Rib

Behind the Scenes Look at Smith and Wollensky’s Prime Rib

Nick Solares

Serious Eats

I suppose it’s a bit morbid to ask what your death row meal might be but on the other hand, the concept of determining one’s last bite on earth has a strange, perhaps macabre charm to it. I have eaten an awful lot of high grade beef in the last few years.

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UT Beef Field Day June 11

UT Beef Field Day June 11

Delta Farm Press

Cattle management and hay production seminars will be of interest to cattle producers attending the 2009 UT Beef and Forage Field Day.

The event is being held June 11 by the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture at the Blount Unit of the East Tennessee AgResearch and Education Center near Knoxville.

Activities will begin with registration and a trade show at 7:00 a.m.

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Livestock student managed farm ends first year

Livestock student managed farm ends first year

Susan Hodges

Vermilion Standard

Students from the animal science class at Lakeland College had a new challenge this year as they took part in a student managed animal farm project.

“The student management farm concept has been going on in the crop sciences for nearly 20 years and a number of us have wanted to do this on the livestock side of our school for a number of years and we finally initiated that this year,” said Larry Bingham, instructor with the college.

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FDA to Implement Feed Ban Despite Public Objections

FDA to Implement Feed Ban Despite Public Objections


The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) criticized a decision by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to proceed with implementation of a new feed ban on April 27, 2009, despite numerous objections from farmers, ranchers, states, and members of Congress.

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