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Video Feature: Gabe and Shelly Brown, Purebred cow/calf operation

Video Feature: Gabe and Shelly Brown, Purebred cow/calf operation

Our ranch is a purebred cow/calf operation located in central North Dakota. We place a strong emphasis on conservation practices and persistent commitment to both agriculture and quality wildlife habitat. That’s why we’re such strong advocates for no-till farming, which we’ve practiced since 1994.

Audio Feature: Barry Dunn, Executive Director of the King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management, share his suggestions for remaining profitable in the ethanol era.

Audio Feature:  Barry Dunn, Executive Director of the King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management, share his suggestions for remaining profitable in the ethanol era.


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Condition Score Cows Early

Condition Score Cows Early

Rick Rasby Beef Specialist, Cow/Calf Management and Reproduction University of Nebraska


Body condition scores (BCS) describe the relative fatness of a cow through the use of a nine-point scale and is an effective management tool to evaluate nutritional status of the herd. The body condition scoring system allows producers to visually assess their cow herd using a number system that objectively describes the amount of condition or fat reserve of an animal. Because cow/calf producers do not weigh cows on a regular basis, they need a management technique to evaluate their cow herd as it relates to productivity and profit potential.

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Will this be your last year in the cow/calf business?

Will this be your last year in the cow/calf business?

Jason K. Ahola, Ph.D.

American Cowman

Unfortunately, it could be… unless your feed costs can be kept under control. With cow harvest up almost 10% from year-ago levels, it’s clear that a decent number of cow/calf producers are throwing in the towel and leaving the business, most likely due to increasing cost of production.

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McCain, Obama Respond To AFBF Questionnaire

McCain, Obama Respond To AFBF Questionnaire


The American Farm Bureau Federation today released the results of its presidential election questionnaire completed by Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama. In the Q&A document, both candidates responded to AFBF’s inquiries about farm bill implementation, renewable fuels, climate change and death taxes, among other issues.

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Black Ink- Learn From Example

Black Ink- Learn From Example

Miranda Reiman

Your dad would climb up on the tractor, pull out the choke, push in the clutch and start it up. “Putt, putt, putt,” and he was off to plant or rake hay or bale.

As a youngster you might have watched this routine over and over again, so it didn’t take too much formal training when you were old enough to take the helm. The first time you started the tractor by yourself and set off to mow, you felt freedom, accomplishment. That’s just one way you’ve learned by example over the years.

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California reports three cases of bovine tuberculosis

California reports three cases of bovine tuberculosis


Merced Sun-Star

Bovine tuberculosis is on the rise in California, so people need to be sensible about what they eat — or they could catch the deadly disease.

Because bovine TB has been found in three herds in the state, California cattlemen and dairy farmers have some extra tests to do before shipping cattle across state lines. And lovers of raw milk need to make sure their milk is coming from a raw milk dairy that has been inspected for the disease.

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