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Video Feature: Grazing Corn Stalks

Agent Michael Fisher describes tips for grazing cattle on corn stalks.


Adjusting to the Economy

As escalating costs continue, these beef industry experts offer advice to help cow-calf producers adapt.

Kindra Gordon

Hereford World

With prices for corn and other grain commodities skyrocketing along with increasing fuel costs, many beef producers are likely asking themselves the question, “Where will it end?”

Unfortunately, no one has the answer. So, the next question becomes, “What should I do?”

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Toxicity problems associated with feed

Bob Larson, DVM

Angus Journal

Occasionally, human activities or natural conditions can cause the introduction or concentration of toxic substances in cattle feed. When this happens, a large number of animals can become sick at one time, and death losses can be high. Feed toxicities that can occur include excess ammonia, ionophore, gossypol, salt, nitrate or mycotoxin.

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Are We Losing Control Of Our Business Decisions?

Troy Marshall

Beef Magazine

Watching the Democratic National Convention this week, I began to wonder if politics has become so much about the pursuit of power that it has little time for anything else. Until hearing the Democratic speeches, for instance, I didn’t realize to what abysmal Third-World depths the American quality of life has descended, how much our economy resembles the darkest times of the Great Depression (even though our economy grew at a rather robust 3.3% rate in the second quarter), or how loathed our beloved U.S. has become in the world.

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Meaningful “Country of Origin Labeling” on our food may exist only in the dreams of food activists

Seattle Post Intelligencer

Do you care where your food came from?

Wouldn’t you like to know if the ground meat you’ve purchased came from a Middle Eastern country where camels out number cattle 500 to 1?

How about those dried banana chips from someplace in the center of Washington state or coffee beans from Canada?

And can anyone really know exactly which farm, in which country, the tomatoes came from?

I’m not sure that even the youngest among us will live long enough to actually see "country of origin labeling" on all food sold at U.S. markets.

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Beef cow symposium scheduled


New methods and technologies to control and improve reproductive success in beef cattle is the focus of the "Robert Taylor Memorial Symposium: Applied Reproductive Strategies in Beef Cattle" scheduled for Dec. 2 – 3, 2008 at the Hilton Hotel in Fort Collins, Colo. "This meeting is for anyone interested in beef cattle reproduction, including producers, veterinarians, AI (artificial insemination) technicians and Extension specialists," said Sandy Johnson, animal science specialist with Kansas State University Research and Extension and one of the conference coordinators.

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Evaluating Dried Distillers Grains As A Range Cow Supplement


The high cost of cattle feeds have many cow calf producers out “window shopping” for the best buys in cow supplements for this winter.  Feedlot and backgrounders have experience with the biofuel by-products such as dried distillers grains.  Many cow calf producers are still uncertain about their use as supplements for cows on dormant winter grass.  Therefore OSU nutritionists have studied the use of dried distillers grains (with solubles) as supplements for low quality forages for gestating cows.

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