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Video Feature: Meet An Arizona Cattle Feeder

Video Feature:  Meet An Arizona Cattle Feeder

Paul and Ann Palmer share their story about agriculture and the joys of sharing their farming life with their grandchildren.

Calf Finishing Versus Background and Yearling Finishing Systems

Calf Finishing Versus Background and Yearling Finishing Systems

Darrell R. Mark, Extension Livestock Marketing Specialist

Rebecca M. Small, Graduate Research Assistant

Galen E. Erickson, Extension Feedlot Management Specialist

University of Nebraska

As corn prices have more than doubled in the last two years, cattle producers increasingly look for alternatives to finishing calves exclusively in feedlots on high concentrate rations. Historically, Nebraska feeders have always placed a high proportion of fall-weaned calves on feed in October and November and sold them as fed cattle in May before the seasonal summer price decline. However, as feeding cost of gain has increased from about $50/cwt to nearly $100/cwt, livestock operators have more incentive to background calves during the winter and following summer on forages and delay placing the cattle on feed until they are long yearlings at the end of the summer grazing season. However, one factor that must be considered before changing the production system is cattle size. Large-framed, heavy calves weaned in the fall may have to be fed as calf-feds to minimize overweight carcasses.

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Texas AgriLife Extension offers post-hurricane livestock carcass disposal advice

Texas AgriLife Extension offers post-hurricane livestock carcass disposal advice

Beth Reed

Beef Magazine

Texas livestock producers suffering animal losses because of Hurricane Ike need to make sure they follow protocol when disposing of carcasses, said two Texas AgriLife Extension Service engineers and other state officials.

The Texas Animal Health Commission is conducting ground and aerial surveys of the storm’s aftermath, but hundreds of head of livestock are expected to be reported dead in the wake of Hurricane Ike. The searches are focusing on the southern parts of Chambers and Jefferson counties, where the hurricane’s storm surge flooded thousands of acres of ranch land.

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Feeding Cattle Following A Disaster

Feeding Cattle Following A Disaster


Meeting the most basic nutrient require­ments needed for survival should be the goal when feeding cattle following a disaster. Knowing these nutrient requirements and the types of routine and alternative feedstuffs that can meet them is impor­tant. Two scenarios are most likely during and/or following a disaster: 1) feed/hay will need to be hauled to stranded cattle; or 2) feed/hay will need to be provided to cattle that are penned. In either situation cattle will be stressed, so feeding decisions should be made with care.

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Limousin Releases EPDs from Multibreed Evaluation

Limousin Releases EPDs from Multibreed Evaluation

Cattle Today

Expected progeny differences (EPDs) from the fall 2008 international Limousin genetic evaluation now are available through various features of the North American Limousin Foundation (NALF) Web site (www.nalf.org). Pedigree and performance records for more than 2 million Limousin-based cattle in the United States and Canada underpin the latest sire summary, which includes more than 1,900 bulls.

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Humane Society Sues USDA Over Downer Cow Loopholes

Humane Society Sues USDA Over Downer Cow Loopholes

David Gutierrez

Natural News

The Humane Society of the United States has filed a lawsuit against the federal government over a 2007 rule change by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) that allows certain downer cattle to enter the food supply.

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NCBA Against EPA Dust Control Rules

NCBA Against EPA Dust Control Rules


The Environmental Protection Agency wants to regulate dust, under the Clean Air Act. But the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association has appealed the move to a District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals. Oral arguments were heard Monday.

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