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Cattle Today

There has been much made of the adaptation of machinery to handling cattle. 4-wheelers, jet boats, pickups, duallys, helicopters, ultra lights and even motorcycles have encroached themselves into the equine domain.

To me there is also a difference in mindset. Rancher or farmer.

I myself prefer the rancher/cowboy way of working cattle; with horses. But I have no gripe with those who are more comfortable in a gas-powered unit. It could be they like the mechanical methods of working cows because it is less exciting. Some would question whether working cows should be exciting, but I’m a cowboy poet so I have my own reasons.


Although Difficult, Producers Can Improve Fertility in Summer’s Heat

Although Difficult, Producers Can Improve Fertility in Summer’s Heat

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While decreased production and weight gain often are immediate side effects of summer heat, decreased reproductive performance is another outcome that can cause long-term economic losses for producers. In addition to adopting management techniques that help reduce heat stress, producers can improve reproductive efficiency by implementing strategic estrus-synchronization programs, using artificial insemination (A.I.) and breeding cows with highly fertile semen.

National Junior Angus Show Slated for Des Moines

National Junior Angus Show Slated for Des Moines

The 2008 National Junior Angus Show (NJAS) is set for July 13-19 at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines. More than 750 young Angus enthusiasts from 37 states have entered 1,595 entries into this year’s cattle show. In addition to the four days of showring competition, the National Junior Angus Association (NJAA) members have the opportunities to compete in 13 educational and life-skill contests during the week.

“The NJAS is so much more than a cattle show,” says James Fisher, director of junior programs for the American Angus Association®. “The NJAS provides the opportunities to gain skills in public speaking, photography and writing, while learning to work as a team in the contests like team sales and quiz bowl. Finally, youth build life-long friendships as many of them travel to the junior show annually.”


Cattle Preconditioning: Vaccination Guideline – Weaning Time

Cattle Preconditioning: Vaccination Guideline – Weaning Time


Designing a vaccination program from the multitude of immunization products currently on the market can frustrate anyone who wants to obtain maximum protection BCH-3015 1. BCH-3015 Product of Extension Beef Cattle Resource Committee Adapted from the Cattle Producer’s Library at a reasonable cost. The following is a vaccination guideline that will fit most cow-calf operations. Much of this information comes from a management guideline put out as a joint effort between the National Cattlemen’s Association (NCA) and the American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP), and is modified to meet the needs for a commercial cow-calf operation. Keep in mind that the following are general guidelines. Specific recommendations, particularly those in the optional category, should be made by your veterinarian because some products that may be needed in your herd are not listed (i.e., Redwater vaccine).


International Limousin Conference Held May 20-28

International Limousin Conference Held May 20-28

Cattle Today

Genetic improvement, new technologies and new markets were among the topics discussed at the 18th biennial International Limousin Conference, May 20–28 in Italy. Kent Andersen, Ph.D., executive vice president for the North American Limousin Foundation (NALF), addressed the conference’s “Future Perspectives of Limousin in the World” technical session, which was May 25 in Florence. He explained how the U.S. Beef Industry Whole-Genome Selection Project will enable and enhance genetic evaluation.


Herr Angus Farm to Host Pennsylvania Field Day July 26

Herr Angus Farm to Host Pennsylvania Field Day July 26

Angus breeders and beef industry enthusiasts are invited to the 2008 Pennsylvania Angus Association and Pennsylvania Cattlemen Association field day, July 26 at Herr Angus Farm, Nottingham, Pa.

Those in attendance will hear from many speakers discussing various aspects of the beef industry. Embryo transplant, utilizing by-products in feed rations and grazing land issues are just a few of the topics that will be brought forward. Jim Herr, founder of Herr Angus Farm, will tell about his unique feedlot operation that utilizes by-products from Herr Snack Factory to feed his Angus cattle. Participants will also be treated to a tour of the Herr Snack Factory and farm.


R-CALF: To USDA: Reallocate NAIS Funds To Continue Brucellosis Vaccination, Surveillance

R-CALF: To USDA: Reallocate NAIS Funds To Continue Brucellosis Vaccination, Surveillance


Recent discoveries of brucellosis in a cow near Paradise Valley, Mont., and in cattle from a Daniel, Wyo., ranch have prompted the R-CALF USA Animal Health Committee and the R-CALF USA Animal Identification Committee to – yet again – request that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) keep brucellosis vaccination and surveillance programs in place across the U.S., and to pay for such activity by diverting funds from the agency’s National Animal Identification System (NAIS). R-CALF USA also requests USDA to implement and fund brucellosis surveillance in all other states where cattle are present, but no formal testing program is in place.