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Baxter Black, DVM: Do It Yourself Kit

Baxter Black, DVM: Do It Yourself Kit

This notice was found on the side of a first calf heifer at the sale barn:



  • Remove calf from shipping crate. The shipping container is equipped with an automatic unloading device. If, for some reason, this unloading device jams proceed to step 2.

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Brazilian beef exports keep on growing

Brazilian beef exports keep on growing

Oscar Rousseau

Global Meat News

Brazil’s rising beef exports show burgeoning meat demand has outweighed any lingering concerns from the rotten meat scandal.

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3 things a solid transition plan should accomplish

3 things a solid transition plan should accomplish

Amanda Radke

The dynamics of multi-generation ranching operations are complex, but without regular meetings and a concrete plan in place, is the business doomed?

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What Would NAFTA Withdrawal Cost Farmers?

What Would NAFTA Withdrawal Cost Farmers?

Anna-Lisa Laca


Just as negotiators made their way to Montreal, Canada for round six of talks to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), a new study was released outlining the cost of withdrawal for the 10 states that benefit the most from the trade deal. Farmers For Free Trade, a non-profit group comprised of several commodity groups including the National Pork Producers council, released a new study called The NAFTA Withdrawal Tax. In it, the group outlines how much life without NAFTA would cost farmers and the economy.

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Test your forage quality IQ

Test your forage quality IQ

Lynn Jaynes

Progressive Forage

At the recent Western Alfalfa and Forage Symposium in Reno, Nevada, participants were asked to respond to a clicker survey-quiz, as presented by forage specialists Glenn Shewmaker (University of Idaho), Dan Putnam (University of California – Davis) and Shannon Mueller (University of California – Fresno Extension).

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Ranchers to talk advantages of raising bison

Ranchers to talk advantages of raising bison


There’s apparently no better time than now to get into the bison business. The price of bison meat is on the rise at the same time that beef prices are in a slump, according to the National Bison Association. Bison are relatively simple to raise, lead long productive lives and thrive in most North American landscapes, says the Colorado-based nonprofit association of bison industry insiders and supporters.

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Traceability Programs Help Meet Our Customers Needs While Adding Value to Our Beef Supply Chain

Traceability Programs Help Meet Our Customers Needs While Adding Value to Our Beef Supply Chain

Oklahoma Farm Report

The demand for traceable cattle is on the rise as consumers both domestic and internationally are asking for more information about their food and where it comes from. Doug Stanton, vice president of Where Food Comes From, works with cattlemen and women to help them comply with verification programs that allow their beef access into the global marketplace.

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K-State’s 105th Annual Cattlemen’s Day set for March 2.

K-State’s 105th Annual Cattlemen’s Day set for March 2.

Kansas State University

Kansas State University’s Animal Sciences and Industry Department will host Cattlemen’s Day 2018 on Friday, March 2 at Weber Hall in Manhattan. Gregg Doud will kick off the event by sharing his outlook on trade issues in the beef industry. “We’re excited and honored to have Gregg Doud join us for Cattlemen’s Day,” says Dale Blasi, K-State professor and beef cattle extension specialist. Doud, a K-State ASI alumni, is currently president of the Commodity Markets Council and has been nominated by President Donald Trump to be the Chief Agricultural Negotiator.

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Understanding the cause and impact of twins

Understanding the cause and impact of twins

Jaclyn Krymowski

Progressive Cattleman

At one point or another, nearly every cattleman will experience the not-so-joyous occasion of twins on the ranch. Understanding the cause and effect of this phenomenon can help breeders make decisions to impact a herd’s long-term reproductive success.

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My MBA is different than your MBA…

My MBA is different than your MBA…

Agricultural with Dr. Lindsay

MBA… You probably instantly thought of a Master of Business Administration, but there is another MBA that you should take notice of, especially if you are an agriculturalist or someone who is interested in learning more about the beef industry. The Masters of Beef Advocacy – which will be the MBA I refer to in this post.

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