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Mark Parker:  The Top 10 screw-ups on the farm

Mark Parker:  The Top 10 screw-ups on the farm


  1. Buying upgrade steers that turn out to be genetically challenged.

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“Clean Meat” is a Dirty Word in Agriculture

“Clean Meat” is a Dirty Word in Agriculture

Oklahoma Farm Report

Paul Shapiro, formerly with the Humane Society of the United States, recently authored a book entitled, Clean Meat. Hannah Thompson-Weeman of the Animal Agriculture Alliance says she is concerned about the implications of this term and concept that Shapiro is promoting.

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The imminent implosion of grassfed beef

The imminent implosion of grassfed beef

Walt Davis

Beef Producer

Maybe some people just aren’t capable of understanding complex agricultural-scientific-ecological-economic issues. My grandson sent me an article from National Public Radio that says some researchers see a wreck coming because the demand for grassfat beef is growing so fast that we are in danger of running out of grass.

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Geneticists Are Working on “Terminator” Male-Only Cattle

Geneticists Are Working on “Terminator” Male-Only Cattle

Dan Nosowitz

Modern Farmer

Genetic modification of plants is common in U.S. agriculture. But animals? Not so much. That could be changing soon. The MIT Technology Review ran a profile of Australian geneticist Alison Van Eenennaam, who has been working on something pretty crazy: genetically modified cattle that only give birth to males. Sort of.

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Animal Diseases to Know Before You Show

Animal Diseases to Know Before You Show

Heidi Carroll


Animals can be exposed to various pathogens (disease causing bugs like bacteria or viruses) on their home farm, while they travel, or at a show. Many times it isn’t until an animal is stressed, such as a going to a fair that it begins to show signs of an illness. Changes to an animal’s daily routine, different water, and comingling with other animals all increase its risk to develop a disease.

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Are your cattle fit to travel?

Are your cattle fit to travel?

Canadian Cattlemen

When it comes to culling and marketing cattle, are your animals fit to travel? The beef industry isn’t doing too bad but the dairy industry needs to pull up its socks.

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Who are the experts in ag? Online, EVERYONE thinks they are

Who are the experts in ag? Online, EVERYONE thinks they are

Michelle Miller, Farm Babe

Ag Daily

What makes a person a farmer? It’s got to be more than just growing food, because every John or Jane Doe with a garden would then be called a “farmer.” Even the USDA’s technical $1,000 revenue threshold doesn’t feel sufficient. Managed acreage is probably the easiest answer, because there’s a pretty consistent understanding among full-time farmers of how scale relates to workload.

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