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Baxter Black, DVM:  Things You Can Count On

Baxter Black, DVM:  Things You Can Count On

Things you can count on:

  • As soon as you load your horse in the trailer he will take a dump
  • Any 4th of July rodeo will get rained out

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Extra-label drug use: Too much of a good thing?

Extra-label drug use: Too much of a good thing?

Libby Bigler

Progressive Cattleman

You’ve treated calves before, and you know the dose on the label is effective. But this one slipped through the cracks; he’s sicker than most you’ve treated. Why not give him a few extra ccs? It can’t hurt, right? Actually, it can.

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Winter Electric Fence Solutions

Winter Electric Fence Solutions

Larry Feight

On Pasture

The use of Electric Fence in the winter is fast becoming a solution for controlling livestock. Some use it for winter grazing practices, some use it to protect haystacks from both livestock and wildlife. Others use it for a quick fix all through the winter and early spring, not to mention using normal range fences.

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Grazing Gold: Long-Term Effects of Corn Stalk Grazing

Grazing Gold: Long-Term Effects of Corn Stalk Grazing

John Maday


While the short-term effects of grazing crop residue appear minimal or even beneficial, questions remain regarding longer-term effects of grazing on soil compaction, structural quality, organic-matter content and nutrient cycling.

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Managing the Impact of Cattle Lice During the Winter Months

Managing the Impact of Cattle Lice During the Winter Months

A.J. Tarpoff

Bovine Veterinarian

Cattle lice infections can affect the health and performance of our cows and stocker cattle during the winter months. This time period generally ranges from December through March. The USDA has estimated that livestock producers lose up to $125 million per year due to effects of lice infestations. Not only can they be the cause of direct animal performance losses, but they also increase wear and tear on our facilities and fences.

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Is your beef cow herd making money?

Is your beef cow herd making money?

Wallace’s Farmer

Area beef producers should make plans to attend the Three-State Beef Conference Jan. 16-18 with locations in Iowa, Missouri and Nebraska. The 2018 version of this annual conference offers opportunities for producers to visit with experts on cow-calf profit and loss and calculating breakevens. Also discussed will be alternative cow-calf production systems and using reproductive management and technologies to improve profitability.

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Consider Your Options: Graze-out vs. Harvesting Wheat

Consider Your Options: Graze-out vs. Harvesting Wheat

Myriah Johnson, Ph.D.

Noble Research Institute

As we move into 2018, it will soon be time to think about whether to pull cattle off wheat so it can be harvested for grain or to leave the cattle on the pasture through wheat graze-out. One of the biggest concerns this past fall was the lack of moisture received. This will ultimately impact producers’ decisions this spring, too.

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ELD: State of the Delay

ELD: State of the Delay

Northern AG

For some time now, multiple groups including livestock haulers, the Livestock Marketing Association, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, US Cattleman’s Association and others ha been fighting to delay the implementation of the Electric Logging Devices (ELD)s for the livestock hauling industry. As Northern Ag Network previously reported, “for livestock haulers, ELD’s will have a huge impact on the industry in multiple ways. From the hours a livestock hauler can drive, the distance between loading and unloading the unseen economic impact that ELD will have on the industry.”

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Trump calls on Congress to pass farm bill, promises ‘better’ NAFTA

Trump calls on Congress to pass farm bill, promises ‘better’ NAFTA

Philip Brasher

Agri Pulse

President Trump, warmly embracing American agriculture in an appearance before the American Farm Bureau Federation, called for passing a new farm bill on time this year, expressed his support for crop insurance and warned that his achievements on tax and regulatory policy were at risk if Democrats get control of Congress.

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Duvall: Farmers have a seat at Trump administration table

Duvall: Farmers have a seat at Trump administration table

Daily Ag

American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall called on farmers and ranchers to redouble their efforts to advocate for agriculture, even as the current administration has begun moving to undo some of the regulations that have burdened them for years.

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