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BeefTalk: Put Weight and Condition on Cows Now by Grazing Crop Aftermath

BeefTalk: Put Weight and Condition on Cows Now by Grazing Crop Aftermath

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Fall is the time to take advantage of the gift of crop aftermath grazing. Why a gift? Well, generally, all you need to do is open a few gates and let cows gain weight grazing crop aftermath. If the bull was turned out June 1, the second trimester of the cows’ pregnancy starts early to mid-September and the third trimester starts Dec. 12. Thus, the last week in September starts a positive opportunity to position the cows for calving and rebreeding next year.

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Be Prepared to Ensure a Successful Calving Season

Be Prepared to Ensure a Successful Calving Season

Dr. John Comerford

Cattle Today

Research shows that more than 90 percent of the calving difficulties will be found in the first-calf heifers. It is a double loss when that heifer loses a calf. On a cash basis, the development, breeding, and feeding the heifer has taken two years and over $1,000 in most cases. Secondly, we can show it takes more than SIX calvings to make up for a lost calf for any female in the herd, so the only real value she has after losing a calf is beef.

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Proposed Estate Tax Regulations Threaten Family Businesses

Proposed Estate Tax Regulations Threaten Family Businesses


The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association along with more than 3,800 organizations and family-owned enterprises sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew adamantly opposing and asking for withdrawal of the newly proposed estate tax regulations by the Department of Treasury. The proposed regulations under section 2704 of the Internal Revenue Code would permanently change estate planning for families that own a controlling interest in a privately-held entity.

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Pinkeye detection and treatment

Pinkeye detection and treatment

Laura Mushrush


As grass seeds out with the changing season, pink eye (Moraxella bovis) will be more prevalent in pasture cattle. The bacterial infection can spread fast, says Ronald Trett, The Samuel Roberts Nobel Foundation, causing temporary vision damage and even permanent blindness if not detected early. It is also highly contagious, spread through eye secretions by flies or direct contact.

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When you’re a Female Judger..

When you’re a Female Judger..

Kahler Made

Livestock judging is one of the most character-building collegiate contests in the U.S. You build critical thinking skills, gain confidence in public speaking, have the ability to defend your logic, and network with some of the most talented livestock kids across the nation. Is this a male dominated sport? Absolutely not thanks to the lady pioneers who came before us. HOWEVER, there are a few things us women judgers experience that the boys don’t necessarily get the privilege to.

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K-State Ranching Summit Pre-Registration Deadline Friday, Sept. 30

K-State Ranching Summit Pre-Registration Deadline Friday, Sept. 30

Friday, Sept. 30 is the pre-registration deadline for the K-State Ranching Summit. This first-time event is designed to equip managers with the skills to address the challenges of ranching in the business climate of today and tomorrow. Individuals can save $15 per individual or $40 per couple if they pre-register by Friday.

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Senators introduce bill to amend livestock marketing rules

Senators introduce bill to amend livestock marketing rules


Sens. Thad Cochran (R., Miss.) and Jon Tester (D., Mont.) introduced legislation to amend a 95-year-old law to address technological advances now being used in livestock sales. The senators’ bill (S. 3350) would amend the Packers & Stockyards Act of 1921 to ensure that the law’s protections are extended to online or video livestock auctions and to ensure modern electronic banking options.

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Selecting Commercial-Angus Replacements

Selecting Commercial-Angus Replacements

Kelli Retallick

Angus Journal

Replacement-heifer selection is one of the most challenging and costly decisions a commercial cow-calf producer makes each year. The significance of these decisions ultimately affects all phases of not only individual operations but the entire beef production supply chain.

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Beef Packing: The Math of Why It’s Different Now

Beef Packing: The Math of Why It’s Different Now

Cassie Fish


Between 2005 and 2014, the U.S. beef packing industry took just under 90,000 head of weekly kill capacity out of the market by closing plants. Forced to do so as the U.S. cattle herd dropped to modern historical lows, big financial losses resulted in shuttered plants and laid off workers. It’s hard to believe that it was just 28 months ago the last plant closed.

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Feed your cows this winter, not the parasites

Feed your cows this winter, not the parasites

Beef Magazine

Beef producers have more tools in their herd health toolbox than just reproductive vaccines. While a strong vaccination program is part of stockman’s herd and reproductive health program, vaccines aren’t the only herd health protocol that can help ensure the reproductive performance of a herd, according to Gary Sides, PhD, managing nutritionist, Beef Strategic Technical Services at Zoetis.

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