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Baxter Black, DVM:  County Fair Buyout

Baxter Black, DVM:  County Fair Buyout

“Roy, can you show us the scar? It’s gotta be a big one!”

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Impact of DDGs modification on feedlot performance

Impact of DDGs modification on feedlot performance

Meredith Bremer


The composition of distillers grain fed to feedlot cattle today may differ from what has been fed in the past. This change is due to technology advancements in ethanol production and the increased value of certain ethanol byproducts such as corn oil. A change in the composition of distillers grains could affect the percent inclusion in the feedlot diet and the resulting cattle performance.

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Habitat management meets grazing

Habitat management meets grazing

Agri View

Conservation grazing, a habitat-management tool currently being used in a few state wildlife areas, employs a staple in Wisconsin culture — cattle — to meet wildlife-habitat-management goals and expand partnerships with the agricultural-community and sustainable-food movements.

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Let’s Be Clear – Sustainability is All About Staying in Business

Let’s Be Clear – Sustainability is All About Staying in Business

Oklahoma Farm Report

“The way I always like to define sustainability, if you are an individual beef producer,” Place said, “is that you’re going to be paying attention to long-term business viability, stewardship of the natural resources you’re taking care of, and thinking about the responsibility to your family, to the bigger community and of course to the animals.”

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Slowly, US beef exports growing and imports shrinking

Slowly, US beef exports growing and imports shrinking

Derrell Peel

Beef Producer

The lower beef exports and higher beef imports into the US are slowly reversing as conditions change. This is very important because international trade of cattle and beef is a significant buffer that reduces drastic market swings in US markets.

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Seeking young cattle producers for leadership class

Seeking young cattle producers for leadership class

The Cattle Business Weekly

Those selected for the Young Cattlemen’s Leadership Program (YCLP) will meet five times in the coming year. They will tour beef production facilities, learn about trending cattle production issues, governance of ICA and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, communication skills, and legislative processes. The first meeting of the group is scheduled for January 11-12, 2017. Other meetings are scheduled for February, June, August and December.

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Late Summer-Planted Oats Forage Option

Late Summer-Planted Oats Forage Option

Northern New York Ag Development Program

Drought conditions early in the 2015 growing season and a fungus impacted the summer oat trials planted in 2015 at the St. Lawrence County Extension Learning Farm in Canton, W.H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute in Chazy, and at a farm near Alexandria Bay, NY.

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When is a beef carcass too big?

When is a beef carcass too big?

Larry Stalcup

Beef Magazine

Larger carcasses have been the norm in recent years. But exactly, “when are your cattle done?” asks Robbi Prichard, beef cattle specialist and professor at South Dakota State University,  speaking at the Feeding Quality Forum sponsored partly by Certified Angus Beef.

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Understanding Carcass Characteristics Important for Successful Retained Ownership

Understanding Carcass Characteristics Important for Successful Retained Ownership

Julie Walker


Whether or not producers retain ownership of calves to finished weight depends on many considerations. Knowing the expected carcass characteristics of cattle is a key factor.

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Wilkes cattlemen gain from Golden LEAF-funded effort

Wilkes cattlemen gain from Golden LEAF-funded effort

Jule Hubbard

Wilkes Journal Patriot

Initial results of a beef cattle herd improvement initiative, funded with a $45,000 community assistance grant awarded by the Golden LEAF Foundation in 2013, were told during a Wilkes Economic Development Corp. (EDC) Board meeting Tuesday morning. John Cothren, Wilkes Cooperative Extension Service agent and EDC board member, said the funds were spent on education, equipment and artificial insemination (AI).

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