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It’s down to the wire on WOTUS

It’s down to the wire on WOTUS

Kerry Halladay

Western Livestock Journal

It is the 11th hour on the Waters of the U.S. rule. Unless something happens, the rule will go into effect this Friday, Aug. 28. But many groups are scrambling to halt the process.

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Shade Is Good For Your Bottom Line

Shade Is Good For Your Bottom Line

Kathy Voth

On Pasture

This week we’re sharing the first article in a series by Brett Chedzoy about how to go about adding trees to open pastures. As Brett has mentioned in past articles, trees provide a number of important services to us and our livestock including providing an additional product in the form of lumber, and sheltering animals from too much wind, winter snows, and summer suns.

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I’m not eating your sick cows

I’m not eating your sick cows

Kylene Scott

High Plains Journal

I’ve been debating writing this for a few weeks, and finally decided to put it down somewhere. First, you may or may not agree with what I have to say, but that is your right. (I’m going to talk about food and unpleasant things.) I have the right to express my opinions as do you.

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Are the green shavings in jeopardy?

Are the green shavings in jeopardy?

Holli Parke

Parke Livestock

There are some things you don’t forget. Most people could rattle off the day their kids were born, the day they got married – you know the usual. Though for most livestock exhibitors, many might be able to recall a relation with the NAILE and those beautiful green shavings a day they will never forget.

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“I’m from the EPA; trust me”

“I’m from the EPA; trust me”

Gene Hall


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has not been shy about pushing for a new clean water rule that extended its already considerable authority over land everywhere in the nation.

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Is bloating in beef cattle heritable?

Is bloating in beef cattle heritable?

Heather Smith Thomas


Some cattle are more prone to bloat than others. The question, then, is why? “There is some thought that bloat incidence is a heritable trait,” says Carl Dahlen, Extension beef specialist at North Dakota State University in Fargo.

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Study Beef Cattle course by Distance Education

Study Beef Cattle course by Distance Education


The Beef Cattle course is a great place to start for anybody who is interested in starting out in farming beef cattle. This course is also a great complimentary study for anyone who is already in the industry and wants to refine their knowledge and beef cattle management skills.

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Master Hoof Care From The Iowa Beef Center

Master Hoof Care From The Iowa Beef Center

Working Ranch Magazine

A Master Hoof Care workshop is scheduled for September 10 at the Iowa State University Armstrong Research Farm. This workshop is for beef cattle producers, feedlot operators, personnel and veterinarians.

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Higher beef prices cause increase in cattle theft

Higher beef prices cause increase in cattle theft


Higher beef prices in Texas is leading to an increase in cattle theft. The Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association has tracked over 400 cases of stolen cattle so far this year. A mother and her calf can cost up to $4500.

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Beef plant a casualty of same thing that’s raising prices — Too few cattle

Beef plant a casualty of same thing that’s raising prices — Too few cattle


Omaha Star Herald

The same issue that led Tyson Foods to close its Denison, Iowa, beef plant last week, putting nearly 400 people out of work, is also what’s driving up hamburger prices at the grocery store: not enough cattle.

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