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Baxter Black, DVM: Stupid Question

Baxter Black, DVM:  Stupid Question

Who said, “There is no such thing as a stupid question?”

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Protecting cattle from the elements pays off for Iowa cattle feeder

Protecting cattle from the elements pays off for Iowa cattle feeder


Tim Krapfl, owner of Krapfl Ag. Commodities, knows all too well the unpredictability of the weather in Iowa. From cold winters to hot summers, Krapfl realized he needed protection from the elements for his beef cattle. Part of Krapfl’s business is backgrounding Holstein feeder cattle that can weigh anywhere from 300-600 pounds.

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Less is Seldom More

Less is Seldom More

Jess Jackson

On Pasture

I’ve lived in states where people are frugal – a polite word for stingy, greedy, lazy or money grubbing. These folks often thought grazing forage into the ground was economical.

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Plan to Keep Trouble Outside the Fence

Plan to Keep Trouble Outside the Fence

Barb Baylor Anderson

Progressive Farmer

When Kniebel Cattle Company joined a value-added marketing program, it took a fresh look at its herd health plan. The Kniebels were concerned something as common as trichomoniasis or bovine viral diarrhea might be a stumbling block that would be hard for their operation to recover. As a precaution, they added an extra layer of biosecurity.

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New approach to cattle marketing

New approach to cattle marketing

John Maday

Bovine Veterinarian

A new service will allow cattle buyers and sellers to trade cattle from their computers, smart phones or tablets. During the recent Cattle Industry Summer Conference in Denver, representatives of AgriClear, a division of the TMX group, demonstrated their service to interested cattle traders and media.

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Be Strategic with Cull Cows

Be Strategic with Cull Cows

Troy Smith

Angus Journal

John Wayne’s definition was not exactly right. Rather, it was his character in the movie McClintock! whose statement doesn’t quite ring true. In the film’s title role, Wayne uses cowmen’s parlance to express disdain for a prominent politician, calling the man a “cull.”“Do you know what a cull is, ma’am?” he asks another character. “A cull is a specimen that is so worthless that you have to cut him out of the herd.”

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Just how much meat are your cattle producing?​

Just how much meat are your cattle producing?​

Bill Halfman

Beef Today

During the past few months I have had a number of discussions with folks on dressing percentage of cattle and how come theirs were less than the numbers we typically use or expect to see.  Most of these questions were from people who direct market some of their animals and sell on hanging carcass weights. These questions have been asked enough that a review of this topic is likely helpful to others.

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Kentucky state officials shake up NAILE leadership

Kentucky state officials shake up NAILE leadership

Rebecca Miller

Farm and Dairy

Some say they fear the future of the NAILE could be in jeopardy without longtime leadership at the helm. Kentucky State Fair Board representatives, however, say the changes do not threaten the expo, and were necessary to address significant annual operating deficits.

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Hot Weather Means Cattle, Like People, Need More Water

Hot Weather Means Cattle, Like People, Need More Water

Ag Web

Just like humans, livestock are negatively impacted by poor water quality. Cattle that drink poor-quality water will drink less water and have a diminished feed intake, resulting in reduced average daily gains and return on investment.

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Zoetis introduces new tool for heifer selection in commercial herds

Zoetis introduces new tool for heifer selection in commercial herds


A new genomic test from Zoetis enables producers to affordably and accurately predict carcass quality (marbling), yield grades, grid merit and tenderness in a range of straight-bred or crossbred British and Continental breed animals that are less than 75% Black Angus.

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