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Enhancing value through natural beef programs.

Enhancing value through natural beef programs.

Raney Lovorn

Angus Journal

Confusion surrounds the word natural, especially when used in conjunction with production agriculture. The meaning is often lost in translation between producers, feeders, packers, consumers and the media.

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Black Ink: No Bidders

Black Ink: No Bidders

Miranda Reiman

Cattle Today

Imagine you’ve got a load a calves headed for the sale barn. You know that feeling of anticipation and hope, and perhaps some worry. “How many buyers will be there?” “What will they bring?”

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Weaning stress can be reduced

Weaning stress can be reduced

Agri View

Lynn Grooms

Weaning is stressful for both cattle and cattle producers. But when done correctly, it can result in healthier cows and more profit at market, says Aerica Bjurstrom, University of Wisconsin-Extension agriculture agent for Kewaunee County. Bjurstrom shared weaning strategies at the recent Beef Cow-Calf Field Day at the Lancaster Agricultural Experiment Station.

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Skin Infections Should be Isolated

Skin Infections Should be Isolated

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

Isolating animals infected with dermatophilosis can slow the spread.  Rain and high humidity can lead to an increase in the incidence of this disease. It typically runs its course without treatment, especially in the drier summer months and when the long winter coat is shed.

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Presidential candidates to share visions for rural America on RFD-TV

Presidential candidates to share visions for rural America on RFD-TV

Doug Carder

Bovine Veterinarian

One presidential candidate outlined his vision for rural America – including changing the role of the EPA – during RFD-TV News’ new Rural Town Hall series, a one-hour, town hall-style forum airing in more than 50 million homes across the country.

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Waters of the U.S. takes effect this week

Waters of the U.S. takes effect this week

Beef Producer

The Waters of the U.S. regulation takes effect Aug. 28, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Environmental Counsel Scott Yager said this week during an NCBA interview, and cattlemen should survey their land for areas that may be subject to regulation.

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Give Your Soil a Physical

Give Your Soil a Physical

Dan Hudson

On Pasture

Are you healthy? It is easier to identify an unhealthy person or animal than it is to identify one that is healthy. So it is with soil. Who decides what healthy soil is, and how can you tell how healthy your soil is?

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Converting Marginal Irrigated Cropland To Cool Season Perennial Forage Production: Will It Pay?

Converting Marginal Irrigated Cropland To Cool Season Perennial Forage Production: Will It Pay?

Mary Drewnoski and Jay Parsons

University of Nebraska

With the current cattle, corn, and pasture prices many producers have been asking “should I convert some of my irrigated crop acres to grass?”

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Feeding Damaged Wheat to Cattle

Feeding Damaged Wheat to Cattle


With recent rains causing delays in completing the wheat harvest, there have been reports of damaged wheat, particularly in the northern areas of South Dakota. In some cases, factors such as vomitoxin or ergot have caused the affected wheat to be unmarketable.

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Winter is coming – don’t short your alfalfa this fall

Winter is coming – don’t short your alfalfa this fall

Daniel Wiersma

Progressive Forage Grower

It’s hard to imagine winter is coming when fall is just beginning. However, preparing for the winter survival of your alfalfa stand begins now. Your late summer and fall alfalfa management strategy can have a large impact on spring regrowth and next year’s yield potential.

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