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Nutrition can help control weaning-time stress

Nutrition can help control weaning-time stress

Kayla Jentz

Progressive Cattleman

Robert Reed, a graduate student at West Virginia University, knows the importance of getting calves through the weaning period with minimal stress. He’s taken an active role in managing the university’s beef herd to make sure calves are off to a great start from day one through the time they leave the farm.

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Use of remote injection methods in cattle questioned

Use of remote injection methods in cattle questioned


The Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) program, administered by the beef checkoff, has issued an advisory statement regarding the use of pneumatic darts or other remote injection methods in cattle. BQA Guidelines for the administration of injectable drugs/products to cattle are available in the BQA National Manual and at bqa.org and other places.

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Modified Live Vaccines

Modified Live Vaccines

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

When selecting a vaccine, be sure it provides fetal protection against bovine viral diarrhea (BVD). Boehringer Ingelheim’s Express FP and Pfizer’s Bovi-Shield GOLD FP or PregGuard GOLD FP are labeled for us in pregnant cows.

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Farm Foundation Workshops Examine Antimicrobial Use

Farm Foundation Workshops Examine Antimicrobial Use



A series of workshops will talk about medically-important antimicrobial drugs in food animals. Farm Foundation is targeting livestock producers, their feed suppliers and veterinarians across the United States, with some of the earliest targets in the Southeast. That’s why the group is highlighting its workshop on Aug. 25, 2015, at the Bailey Center Auditorium on the campus of Wallace State Community College, 801 Main St., NW, Hanceville, Alabama.

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Fitbit For Cows Could Detect Disease Sooner

Fitbit For Cows Could Detect Disease Sooner

Brian Owens

Inside Science

Wearable fitness monitors are all the rage among humans right now, but they are also spreading among farm animals. Researchers hope the devices can help keep herds of beef cows healthy.

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Cover Cropping Now For Next Spring

Cover Cropping Now For Next Spring

Genevieve Slocum

On Pasture

Cover crops, including those that double as forage, are a cost-effective conservation practice. They contribute a variety of benefits to the field, including weed suppression, soil building, and soil pore formation to help alleviate compaction and increase moisture-holding capacity.

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Raising dairy steers for beef requires responsible management

Raising dairy steers for beef requires responsible management

Frank Wardynski

Michigan State University

Dairy Steers have the genetic potential to produce well-marbled, lean beef. Producers should ensure a high quality product with responsible management practices.

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Top Ten Ways to Run More Cows on the Same Grass

Top Ten Ways to Run More Cows on the Same Grass

By Warren Rusche


Cow-calf producers in South Dakota and across the country face a dilemma: On one hand, the market is signaling for more numbers of feeder calves; however, losses in grazing resources over the past decade limit how much the industry can grow using traditional management practices.

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Preg check and cull open replacement heifers; Feeder prices and fall grazing prospects

Preg check and cull open replacement heifers; Feeder prices and fall grazing prospects

Glenn Selk

The Cattleman

Many Oklahoma ranchers choose to breed the replacement heifers about a month ahead of the mature cows in the herd. In addition, they like to use a shortened 45 to 60-day breeding season for the replacement heifers. The next logical step is to determine which of these heifers failed to conceive in their first breeding season. This is more important today than ever before.

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Missouri A-G seeks injunction on WOTUS rule

Missouri A-G seeks injunction on WOTUS rule

Julie Harker

Brownfield Network

The Attorney General of Missouri, who is suing the EPA over its Waters of the U.S. definition, has filed a preliminary injunction to block implementation of the new rule. General Chris Koster says they’re asking the federal court in Jefferson City (Missouri) to “preserve the status quo while the case is pending.”

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