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Baxter Black, DVM:  Good Horse, Good Dog, and a Good…

Baxter Black, DVM:  Good Horse, Good Dog, and a Good…

A good cowboy should have three things; a good horse, a good dog and                    .

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Starlings a Costly Problem for Livestock Producers

Starlings a Costly Problem for Livestock Producers

Feedlot Magazine

Starlings can be a major problem for livestock producers in the northern Plains in the winter.  “During a year like our last one, when the weather is particularly cold and the ground is snow-covered, these birds are looking for convenient food sources,”

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Florida ranchers seek more funding to market beef

Florida ranchers seek more funding to market beef


Florida cattle ranchers say more needs to be done promote the health benefits of beef.

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EPA pulls interpretive rule

EPA pulls interpretive rule

Bob Meyer

Brownfield Network

The Environmental Protection Agency has withdrawn an interpretive rule regarding the Clean Water Act. Issued in March of 2014, the Rule stated that farmers are only exempt from needing Clean Water Act permits for more than 50 routine farming practices if they comply with detailed NRCS technical conservation standards.

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Cattle Herd Expansion Steams Ahead

Cattle Herd Expansion Steams Ahead

Jeff Caldwell


Friday’s USDA Cattle Inventory Report showed the beef breeding herd’s getting bigger, most notably in the number of heifers held back to calve this year; the report showed a 7.3% increase in that sector of the business, a sign that this year will be one of "much bigger expansion than expected," Allendale market analyst Jim McCormick said late last week.

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Surprise US herd rebuild puts skids under cattle futures

Surprise US herd rebuild puts skids under cattle futures


Cattle futures eased, particularly for more distant delivery, as investors reacted to data showing unexpected expansion in the US cattle herd, led by retention of beef heifers, suggesting an acceleration in growth ahead.

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VITAMIN A: An Important Winter Nutrient

VITAMIN A: An Important Winter Nutrient

Aaron Stalker

University of Nebraska

Vitamin A is an important nutrient for beef cattle. While grazing green grass, cattle get plenty of vitamin A but during the winter vitamin A may be deficient and should be supplemented.

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Tips for spring calving herds

Tips for spring calving herds


Don’t forget to collect calving records. Records include body condition of the cow at calving, calving difficulty score, calf gender, calf birth weight, and don’t forget to tag calves – records are more valuable when they can be linked back to cow and calf pairs.

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Expect high beef prices for at least two years

Expect high beef prices for at least two years

Rapid City Journal

Cattle producers and consumers may be in for at least another two years of record-high prices, both at the sales barn and the grocery store, as ranchers nationwide begin to rebuild their herds.

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Have your cows in the right condition at the right time

Have your cows in the right condition at the right time

Lee Dickerson

Progressive Cattleman

Success factors vary from farm to farm, but every operation benefits from cows you can return to healthy reproductive status soon after calving, resulting in an increased pregnancy rate and a heavier calf weaning weight.

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