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Genetic Selection Q&A

Genetic Selection Q&A

Kasey Brown

Angus Journal

With this month’s focus on genetic selection, we wanted to quiz some young leaders in the Angus business about the selection protocol they use in choosing seedstock.

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Rock Island Livestock Auction closes

Rock Island Livestock Auction closes

Iowa Farmer Today

For generations, farmers from Illinois and Iowa have come to west Rock Island — as often as twice a week — to sell or buy beef cattle at the Rock Island Livestock Auction.

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Sorting Out the Bull

Sorting Out the Bull

Aaron Berger

University of Nebraska

The winter and spring bull sale season is well underway. For many cow-calf producers this is when catalogs are studied and sales are attended, with the focus being on the purchase of their next herd sires.

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The real facts about cattle implants and their value

The real facts about cattle implants and their value

Lawton Stewart


Implanting cattle is not a new technology. It’s been around for years. It has the potential to add as much as 5% more pounds to your calf crop. Yet, fewer and fewer producers are employing the practice. Why?

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Aggressive herd expansion reverses shrinking U.S. cattle supply

Aggressive herd expansion reverses shrinking U.S. cattle supply

Theopolis Waters


The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s annual cattle inventory report showed the U.S. cattle herd as of Jan. 1 at 101.0 percent of a year earlier, or up 1 percent at 89.8 million head. Analysts, on average, expected a 0.1 percent decline from 88.5 million last year.

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Carcass Merits Meet the Functional Cow

Carcass Merits Meet the Functional Cow

Loretta Sorensen

The Progressive Farmer

Johnnie Hubach knew he was leaving money on the table. He decided to get focused on Certified Angus Beef (CAB) standards for his entire 500-head herd. It wouldn’t happen overnight, but Hubach was determined it would happen.

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Groups Asked to Support Plan to Put Checkoff Increase to a Vote

Groups Asked to Support Plan to Put Checkoff Increase to a Vote

Chris Clayton


Cattle producers would get to vote on whether to increase the beef checkoff before it would go into effect under the latest proposal to double the $1-per-head fee to $2.

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AFBF on ruling regarding personal info

AFBF on ruling regarding personal info

Morning AG Clips

“Farmers, ranchers and citizens in general should be concerned about the court’s disregard for individual privacy. This court seems to believe that the Internet age has eliminated the individual’s interest in controlling the distribution of his or her personal information. We strongly disagree.”

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Indiana Forage Council annual meeting

Indiana Forage Council annual meeting

Morning AG Clips set for Madison

AG Answers

The Indiana Forage Council’s annual meeting and seminar on Feb. 19 will focus on improved forage management practices for livestock production. The meeting will be in the Hoffman Room of Clifty Inn and Falls Restaurant at Clifty Falls State Park, 1650 Clifty Hollow Road, in Madison.

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Beef Feedlot Roundtable Sessions Offered at Four Iowa Locations

Beef Feedlot Roundtable Sessions Offered at Four Iowa Locations

Iowa Beef Center

Iowa State University (ISU) Extension and Outreach and the University of Nebraska—Lincoln are teaming up to offer a Feedlot Roundtable session at four Iowa locations on Thursday, Feb. 12.

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