No Bull: Cattle Breeding for Investors

No Bull: Cattle Breeding for Investors

Written by: Beth Anderson

The growth of artificial insemination (AI) as a tool for improving the genetics of cattle herds has opened up new opportunities for agricultural investors.

There are many ways investors could profit from the AI industry, including starting an entire cattle operation. But the purchase of genetically superior bulls or genetically superior heifers or cows—heifers are female cattle who have not produced offspring while cows are female cattle who have—to sell their wares, whether semen or embryos, to interested herd owners is a particularly interesting, though risky, strategy.

Cattle farmers have been using AI to assist in producing the best calves for dairy and beef production since the 1930s. While AI was originally out of reach for most cattle operations, improvements in technology allowed herd owners to breed their cows using the cream of the cattle crop.


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