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Baxter Black:  The Lone Pine

Baxter Black:  The Lone Pine

“So, how’d yer dad git that big dent on the door?” I asked Dave. Truth is, it was quite an accomplishment for one single dent to stand out from all the other wear and tear, deterioration and assorted damage that covered his 1983 Ford Ranger diesel pickup truck like elephant tracks on a styrofoam cooler.

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Beef Heifer Development series posted on-line

Beef Heifer Development series posted on-line

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

Most beef producers replace 10-20% of their mature cows each year with heifers. The unique challenge that each cow/calf producer is faced with is that they are anticipating the future biological and economic performance of their herd for perhaps the next decade when replacement heifers are selected. Thus, each management decision made during the development phase of a beef replacement heifer will impact profitability for years to come.

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Pioneering heifer development: Best Decisions with Patsy Houghton

Pioneering heifer development: Best Decisions with Patsy Houghton

Brandi Buzzard Frobose

Beef Magazine

Folks in the beef business tend to think of deep space and the deep sea as the great unknown because the general consensus is that there isn’t much in the beef industry we haven’t explored. However, that wasn’t the case just a few short decades ago.

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As essential as it gets

As essential as it gets

Bill Rethlake

Greensburg Daily News

Many generations of farmers and farm workers tell stories about working the land – tilling the soil and feeding the livestock – as part of their everyday lives. And for many, the work of generations has afforded them the ability to turn those years of hard work into profitable businesses creating the foundation for the rest of the county to prosper and grow.

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More foreign ownership of U.S. beef processors raises food safety concerns

More foreign ownership of U.S. beef processors raises food safety concerns

Christopher Walljasper

Investigate Midwest

In November, the Brazilian-owned meatpacker Marfrig Global Foods S.A. announced it would acquire 31% of National Beef from New York City-based investment bank Jefferies Financial Group for $970 million. This comes after an initial purchase of around half the Kansas City, Missouri-based company in June 2018.

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Tips for Raising Stockers

Tips for Raising Stockers

Lisa Moser

Angus Beef Bulletin

Cow-calf producers, stocker operators and feedlot managers all have the same end goal in mind: raise high-quality beef profitably. Experts at the Kansas State University (K-State) Beef Cattle Institute say there are many ways that producers can do that successfully. Stocker cattle are typically newly weaned calves weighing between 300 and 800 pounds.

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Meat Production Threatened With Disruption

Meat Production Threatened With Disruption

Derrell Peel


The U.S. meat industry faces unprecedented threats as COVID-19 sweeps through labor forces at meat processing facilities nationwide.  Production of beef, pork and poultry are simultaneously threatened as COVID-19 infections affect labor availability and processing capacity in multiple facilities across all meat industries.

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Plan now for summer your summer fly control strategy for beef cattle

Plan now for summer your summer fly control strategy for beef cattle

Christopher Petty

Fort Scott Biz

Flies are irritating to cattle, and cause loses in performance and weight gain. Fortunately for farmers and ranchers, there are a variety of options for fly control. You can select from pour on insect control measures, foggers, ear tags, and insecticides in livestock feed. It is easy to find an option that will work well in your own farming or ranching operation.

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Sustainable pastures and cattle operations

Sustainable pastures and cattle operations

Robert Fears

The Eagle

In reality, sustainably is more important to the producer than the consumer because once resource production capability is reduced or depleted, the operation no longer is profitable. Over-grazed pastures and heavy stocking rates lead to potential destruction of the soil-forage resource and often creates the necessity of supplementation to sustain the herd.

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Livestock Marketing Association Encourages Investigation of Beef Packers

Livestock Marketing Association Encourages Investigation of Beef Packers


The Livestock Marketing Association (LMA) is encouraged to see Secretary Sonny Perdue’s announcement that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) will be extending its oversight to determine the causes of divergence between boxed and live beef prices, beginning with the Holcomb, Kansas beef processing plant fire and now incorporating the COVID-19 pandemic.

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