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How to check a calving cow or heifer

How to check a calving cow or heifer

Heather Smith Thomas

Beef Magazine

If the cow is taking too long in labor with no progress, restrain her and wash her rear end with warm water. She may defecate during your exam; have extra water for rinsing her and your arm again. Putting your hand in the birth canal will make her strain and pass manure. Coat your hand and arm, or OB sleeve, with obstetrical lubricant, and insert your hand gently.

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$5 Billion Earmarked for Beef Cattle Producers for Their Coronavirsus Related Losses

$5 Billion Earmarked for Beef Cattle Producers for Their Coronavirsus Related Losses

Colin Woodall

Oklahoma Farm Bureau

Woodall said it was good to see USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue moving on getting money for farmers and ranchers moving closer to distribution- but cautioned that there are still rules to write and the approval of Office of Management and Budget before a sign up can begin with the Farm Service Agency. It will take time.

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Farmers don’t break, but supply chains do

Farmers don’t break, but supply chains do

Holly Spangler

Prairie Farmer

Tuesdays at the Fairview Sale Barn in Fairview, Ill., mean fat cattle and cull cow sales, and on a normal Tuesday in April, they’d run 300 head through the ring. Normally, they’d have buyers from four plants for slaughter cows and bulls, and three buyers for fat cattle. But nothing is normal these days, and Jake Fidler, the third-generation owner at Fairview, says for the first time ever, the sale barn didn’t have a single market buyer for fats. No bids means no cattle, aside from culls.

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Grazing strategies to manage internal parasites

Grazing strategies to manage internal parasites

Jane Cant

Progressive Cattle

Internal parasite control is part of every herd health management plan, and it should be. Animals with heavy internal parasite burdens experience weight loss, reduced feed efficiency, decreased conception rates and even death.

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“If you have high ash content in your forages, you’re feeding dirt”

“If you have high ash content in your forages, you’re feeding dirt”

Ted Wiseman

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

According to Ted Wiseman, Ohio State University Extension Educator in Perry County, “If you have high ash content in your forages, you’re feeding dirt.” And, the feed conversion on dirt is not good!

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Anxiety among ranchers ‘higher than BSE’ as COVID-19 slows work at meat-packing plants

Anxiety among ranchers ‘higher than BSE’ as COVID-19 slows work at meat-packing plants

Amanda Stephenson

Calgary Herald

As COVID-19-related work slowdowns at Alberta’s major meat-packing plants threaten to back up an entire supply chain, some say the hit to the province’s beef sector could rival that of the 2003 BSE crisis. “No question, we’re on the cusp of a very similar situation. (Canada’s beef) processing capacity could easily be reduced by 50 per cent,” said Dr. Kee Jim, the Okotoks-based managing director of beef industry consultancy Feedlot Health Management Services.

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Capitalizing on Profit Through Feed Management

Capitalizing on Profit Through Feed Management

Allison VanDerWal

Feedlot Magazine

When markets take a turn for the worst, it can be easy to cut corners in an effort to save a profit. Feed management should not be one of those areas. Implementing strict feed management not only has the ability to keep more dollars in your pocket, but the long term implications make you more informed about feed usage and more accurate in the assumptions of input costs necessary when determining cost of gain.

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How COVID-19 is Affecting Cattle Farmers and Ranchers

How COVID-19 is Affecting Cattle Farmers and Ranchers

Brandi Buzzard Frobose

Kansas Living

A lot can change in just a few short weeks. A month ago, our nation’s citizens were flitting about to school functions, filling restaurants and were cautiously unfazed by COVID-19. Fast-forward to mid-April and the entire nation is under stay-at-home-orders, restaurants are shuttered and there is a semi-panic in most cities.

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Stocker managers should control performance thieves.

Stocker managers should control performance thieves.

Kasey Brown

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

Internal parasites are the performance thieves you can’t see. Nematodes, with many subsets of specific pests, are one of the biggest nuisances to the cow-calf industry. These parasites siphon nutrients from a calf. To make matters worse, the parasites create a physiological effect that tells the calf it’s not hungry. Mitch Blanding, associate director of beef technical services with Zoetis, offers some tips on fighting these parasites.

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NMSU Extension to conduct navigating COVID-19 for beef producers webinar

NMSU Extension to conduct navigating COVID-19 for beef producers webinar

Jane Moorman

The COVID-19 crisis is impacting almost every segment of life and every business in the United States and worldwide. The cattle industry is also suffering unprecedented market reactions and supply chain disruptions. “It is certainly impossible to predict what will happen, but these webinars will provide information and variables to watch so producers can make as informed a decision as possible,” Gifford said. The first session, from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday, April 30, via Zoom, will focus on the beef cattle market and climate forecast.

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