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Mark Parker:  The Top 10 selling points for your old truck

Mark Parker:  The Top 10 selling points for your old truck


#10. From-the-cab transmission access.

#9. Custom bumper shaped to fit south end of north-bound neighbor’s bull.

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What to Do During a Distillers Grains Shortage

What to Do During a Distillers Grains Shortage

Karla H. Wilke

University of Nebraska

The current economic situation has resulted in lower crude oil prices, followed by increased difficulty for ethanol plants to produce competitive fuel sources. In turn, many ethanol plants are planning to shut down until the economy stabilizes. The domino effect is that cattle producers may find themselves without distillers grains, hopefully for only a short period of time.

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Court Rules in Favor of Beef Checkoff

Court Rules in Favor of Beef Checkoff

Colter Brown

Northern AG Network

A big win for the beef checkoff and 15 state beef councils around the as the U.S. District Court ruled in favor of USDA and the Montana Beef Council in the case filed by R-CALF USA. On Friday, March 27th, Judge Brian Morris denied R-CALF’s request for an injunction to stop certain state beef councils from collecting checkoff dollars.

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Health and Production Management for the Long-term

Health and Production Management for the Long-term

Dr. Bob Larson

Angus Journal

A plan to optimize beef production over a long time frame focuses on appropriate selection of bulls and replacement females to optimize production traits, good reproductive efficiency, high animal health status, proper supplementation and good forage management.

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Semen/Nitrogen Tank Care

Semen/Nitrogen Tank Care

Dean Kreager

Southern Livestock

Recently I talked about proper semen handling so this week I thought it was worth providing some information on care and handling of the liquid nitrogen tanks. The nitrogen tanks on our farms are likely storing semen and embryos that are very expensive to replace or maybe can’t be replaced. We need to take care of these tanks to make sure we don’t lose the contents.

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Epidemic Essentials: A Functioning Cattle Market

Epidemic Essentials: A Functioning Cattle Market

Western AG Reporter

“Every cloud has a silver lining.” “It’s a blessing in disguise.” “The darkest hour is nearest dawn.” There are multiple phrases that serve as reminders in the midst of a crisis that something better is on the other side.  It’s no question that America if facing a crisis as COVID-19 sweeps across the country.  Stocks feel it, the economy feels it, and sadly many Americans physically feel it.

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Calf implants show multiple benefits

Calf implants show multiple benefits

Barbara Duckworth

The Western Producer

The improved weight gain and feed efficiency among beef cattle receiving growth promoting hormones has been well-studied since these products were approved in the 1950s. Implanting calves could be an added advantage for cow-calf operators, said veterinarian John McKinnon of Zoetis and former beef industry chair at the University of Saskatchewan.

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