DNA Sampling Tips and Tricks

DNA Sampling Tips and Tricks

Laura Loschke

Hereford World

DNA testing is a vital component of the beef industry. The American Hereford Association (AHA) requires DNA testing on any sire born after Jan. 1, 2011, out of which calves are being registered. Additionally, DNA testing is required on dams being flushed and having embryo transfer (ET) calves registered to them. The AHA allows several types of samples to be used for testing.

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Achieving a Successful Calving Season

Achieving a Successful Calving Season
Randall K. Spare, DVM

F&R Livestock Resource

As a veterinary clinic, we start diagnosing pregnancy in June and continue through December and January for spring calving cow herds. This is a great time of year, as we have the opportunity to firsthand observe many operations. We learn so much about each operation—their management skills, facilities and labor—as we listen.

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What Does it Mean to be a Beef Breeder in the 21st Century

What Does it Mean to be a Beef Breeder in the 21st Century

Emme Troendle

Simmental Register

Grace Erickson, AJSA member and high school student from Bolivar, MO, recently won an essay competition sponsored by BEEF magazine. The contest was hosted by Jered Decker, author of the blog, A Steak in Genomics, and sponsored by BEEF magazine, Zoetis, and GeneSeek®. The essay contest is part of the “Identifying Local Adaptation and Creating Region-Specific Genomic Predictions in Beef Cattle” funded by the USDA-NIFA.

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Baxter Black, DVM: Cow Attack

Baxter Black, DVM:  Cow Attack

“What happened to your pickup seat?  Is that buffalo track?”

Well, I guess you had to be there.  We had a cow attack.

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Remove Twine And Bale Wrap When Feeding Hay

Remove Twine And Bale Wrap When Feeding Hay

Dr. Ken McMillan

While I have never diagnosed a problem where twine or bale wrap caused an issue in the digestive system, many others tell me they have. One of my best producers says he has had issues with Mylar helium balloons floating into their pastures and being eaten. If cows will eat these, I have no doubt they’ll eat twine and bale wrap.

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Red Angus replacement heifers experiencing unprecedented demand

Red Angus replacement heifers experiencing unprecedented demand

Dr. Bob Hough

Western Livestock Journal

Red Angus commercial heifers are the hottest commodity on the market. It not unusual for them to outsell steers. This is no fluke as breeders have kept as their highest priority decades of selection for maternal cattle.

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Using the DuPont System to Increase Farm/Ranch Profitability

Using the DuPont System to Increase Farm/Ranch Profitability

Robert Tigner

University of Nebraska

One challenge farm/ranch operators have is to accurately find where to make changes to an operation to increase profits. Many have the records and numbers but don’t know where to start. A system of financial analysis developed nearly 100 years ago by an explosive salesman for DuPont Explosives Company is a useful tool for farm/ranch managers analyzing financial performance.

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