Is it Profitable to Add Weight and Sell Heavier Feeder Calves?

Is it Profitable to Add Weight and Sell Heavier Feeder Calves?

Chris Prevatt


The feeder calves with the greatest value are almost always the heavier calves. The question that producers must answer for themselves is “Will it be profitable to add the additional weight and sell heavier feeder calves?” They can accomplish this by calculating the value of gain of their feeder calves.

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Student loans an obstacle for many young farmers

Student loans an obstacle for many young farmers

Nella Mae Parks

Small Ag Press

It has been said the best way to get into farming is to “marry it or inherit it.” The risks are many and obstacles to entry are age-old — access to land, water, markets and capital. But regardless of whether new farmers married it, inherited it, or neither, one new barrier becoming increasingly problematic is student loan debt, according to the National Young Farmers Coalition.

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Measure & Improve Beef

Measure & Improve Beef

Roy Smith, a farmer and grain marketing consultant from Plattsmouth, Nebraska, talks about why farmers should consider marketing new and old crop in April and May.

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Tips for Reducing Heat Stress in Show Cattle

Tips for Reducing Heat Stress in Show Cattle


Warmer temperatures are quickly approaching, and that means you should start considering how to help your cattle handle the heat. Heat stress is almost inevitable, but some management practices can be implemented to help animals better cope with rising temperatures.

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Response Training for Livestock Transportation Rollover Accidents

Response Training for Livestock Transportation Rollover Accidents

Elizabeth Ferry


Responding to accidents is never an easy task. Responding to an accident that involves large trucks, people and animals can quickly turn into a chaotic event if the local response team is not prepared or trained to handle such an occurrence.

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How early should you vaccinate calves?

How early should you vaccinate calves?


You’ve made it through calving season successfully, now when should you start to vaccinate the young bovines? “Producers should consider vaccinating calves at 2 to 4 months of age, depending on the operation,” said Dr. DL Step, professional services veterinarian, Boehringer Ingelheim.

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So you want to be a seedstock producer?

So you want to be a seedstock producer?

Gilda V. Bryant

Progressive Cattleman

Commercial cattle producers may jump into the seedstock business because the notion of selling a bull or heifer for big bucks is appealing. However, this approach often leads to problems. In fact, new seedstock producers have a high rate of failure; the average operation folds in five years or less.

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