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Tennessee farms struggling to stay afloat

Tennessee farms struggling to stay afloat

Chris Conte

News Channel 5

Ron Ward is running his family’s farm in Paris, Tennessee on borrowed time and borrowed money and both are about to run out. This sprawling 20 acres was first purchased by Ron’s grandfather more than 70 years ago. Like Ron, the land here itself looks warn down, farming hundreds of cattle here for seven decades has taken a serious toll on both. But Ron, still can’t see himself doing anything else.

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Waters of the U.S. Fixes Welcomed by Cattle Producers and Lawmakers

Waters of the U.S. Fixes Welcomed by Cattle Producers and Lawmakers

Wyatt Bechtel


A resolution to the much maligned Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) rule may have been reached by regulators which is well received news by cattlemen’s groups and lawmakers. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) plans to update definitions for WOTUS regulations through the Clean Water Act. The proposed regulation change would exclude waters not in a six category definition.

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Cattle producers need a lot of things to happen for a good 2019

Cattle producers need a lot of things to happen for a good 2019

Elizabeth Varin

Farm Forum

Will there be demand for beef? Are trade issues going to get solved? Will corn prices stay low? Is a drought on the horizon? There are a lot of unanswered questions, according to Tim Petry, NDSU Extension livestock marketing economist. But things are looking pretty good for the cattle industry in 2019.

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Baxter Black, DVM: TANGO SED

Baxter Black, DVM:  TANGO SED

It doesn’t make much difference how fast a horse can run if the jockey doesn’t cross the finish line with him.

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The Angus Cow- Unsung Hero of Certified Angus Beef

The Angus Cow- Unsung Hero of Certified Angus Beef

Oklahoma Farm Report

Mark McCully, Vice President, Production for Certified Angus Beef, calls the Angus Cow the unsung hero for the Certified Angus Beef success story. McCully says her maternal ability is the key- “that Angus cow that was able to breed back and go bring in a heavy calf and mother that calf up and do a great job and still produce a calf that could go to the next level and grow fast and efficient in the feedyard and be able to then produce that high quality carcass in the end- that’s been key

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Little-Used Repro Tool Guides Timing

Little-Used Repro Tool Guides Timing

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

If replacement heifers are the future of a strong beef herd, good conception rates are confirmation. What if there was one easy-to-get number that could tell a producer 30 days out which heifers are most likely to conceive?

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Plan Ahead When Hauling Livestock in Adverse Weather

Plan Ahead When Hauling Livestock in Adverse Weather


Wouldn’t it be nice if every livestock show was just a short drive from home? And wouldn’t it be even more ideal if we could haul our livestock in 55-degree weather with no humidity, no storms, and dry, clear roads? Unfortunately, there is no “utopia” for hauling livestock to shows, even if you live 20 minutes from the show, you have the possibility of a flat tire or a re-route due to somebody else’s unfortunate accident.

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