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The Secret to Raising Dairy Beef Profitably

The Secret to Raising Dairy Beef Profitably

Jim Dickrell


The secret to raising high quality dairy beef at a profit is really no secret at all: It just requires top management throughout the steer’s life cycle and consistent forward contracting to mitigate market risk.

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Relocation of USDA agencies sparks criticism

Relocation of USDA agencies sparks criticism

Matthew Weaver

Capital Press

The USDA’s plan to relocate and realign the Economic Research Service and National Institute of Food and Agriculture is drawing criticism from former USDA officials and ag groups.

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Tips for Low-Stress Newborn Calf Processing

Tips for Low-Stress Newborn Calf Processing

Vita Farm

Calving time is much-anticipated around the farm or ranch. Cattle producers work tirelessly to make sure their cow herd is maintained, cared for, fed and vaccinated. Matings were carefully selected, females bred, and roughly 283 days later, the next calf crop hits the ground (hopefully) running with vigor. When those calves do come, be sure you are prepared with all the resources you need to care for these new lives and process the newborn calves in a low-stress fashion to give them the best start at life possible.

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Selecting good heifers helps build a good cow herd

Selecting good heifers helps build a good cow herd

Farm and Ranch Guide

Cattle producers consider selecting and developing replacement heifers as the foundation for building an efficient, productive cow herd. However, the approaches producers use to identify which heifers to keep for herd replacement out of the calf crop vary with herd management and marketing.

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Beef specialist offers multiple tips to reduce rumen distress.

Beef specialist offers multiple tips to reduce rumen distress.

Heather Smith Thomas

Angus Beef Bulletin

Sometimes cattle on lush fall pastures bloat under certain conditions. You may need to remove them from the pasture, but don’t round them up too quickly. They may bloat more readily from movement and jostling of the rumen.

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Greg Judy’s Stockpiling and Grazing Advice for Kentucky 31 Fescue

Greg Judy’s Stockpiling and Grazing Advice for Kentucky 31 Fescue

Greg Judy

On Pasture

Some folks say that you can’t grow red clover with Kentucky 31 and that Kentucky 31 crowds it out. But that’s not Greg’s experience. He’ll show you plenty of red clover, and some white too mixed in with his pastures, and he talks about how he grazes it to make it work for him.

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Cattle theft and prevention go high-tech

Cattle theft and prevention go high-tech

Bart Pfankuch

The Cattle Business Weekly

Livestock theft is one of the oldest crimes in South Dakota, but the ways thieves operate and the methods ranchers and authorities use to catch them have both evolved into a high-tech battle of wits. Modern trailers, cell phones, forged checks, online mapping and Internet classified sales sites are part of the arsenal livestock thieves use to locate, steal and sell cattle, sheep and hogs.

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