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Mid-South Stocker Conference coming March 7

Mid-South Stocker Conference coming March 7

Aimee Nielson

University of Kentucky

The 2018 Mid-South Stocker Conference aims to help stocker operators pursue greater profits as they produce and market feeder cattle as efficiently as possible. Beef specialists from the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment and the University of Tennessee will host the conference March 7 at the Logan County Cooperative Extension office in Russellville.

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In farming, suicide rate high, but few notice

In farming, suicide rate high, but few notice


The Journal Gazette

More than a year after the CDC released data showing farmers had the highest suicide rate of any profession, those who work in Indiana ag said they do not know about the findings. And, they said last week, if a depressed farmer asked for help, they’d have no idea where to send him for support.

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Stewardship takes a collaborative approach

Stewardship takes a collaborative approach

Morning AG Clips

“We’re all working together to make sure we’re preserving antibiotics so that the response we achieve today is the same response we’ll get in 10 years in both human and animal medicine,” said Doug Hilbig, DVM, Beef Technical Services at Zoetis.

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Ten design tips for Safer Cattle Pens

Ten design tips for Safer Cattle Pens

Gala Nettles

The Cattleman

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics published in 1997, cattle are responsible for the largest number of animal-related injuries. Another study by the Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Department of Oklahoma State University shows the majority of those happened on cow-calf operations.

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Clarence Van Dyke a visionary in the Angus industry

Clarence Van Dyke a visionary in the Angus industry

Karin Schiley

Tri-State Livestock News

When Clarence Van Dyke bought his first Angus cows he thought they would be a hobby that would be supported by his dairy cows. Now, over 60 years later, the Van Dyke Angus Ranch is an Angus breed leader, recognized for its stringent commitment to cow quality and the VDAR prefix is known worldwide.

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What’s Drugs Got to Do With It? Misconceptions Keeping Gene Editing from Revolutionizing Animal Agriculture

What’s Drugs Got to Do With It? Misconceptions Keeping Gene Editing from Revolutionizing Animal Agriculture

Oklahoma Farm Report

“Gene editing, simply put, is just a very precise way to make targeted alterations in DNA,” she said. “It’s different from traditional GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, where you tended to be bringing in maybe a piece of DNA from a different species to give plants resistance to herbicides or whatever.”

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Behind the Static, 560-lb. Weaning Weights

Behind the Static, 560-lb. Weaning Weights

Justin Sexten

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

It looks like weaning weights have gone pretty much nowhere for 15 years. That’s according to a summary of North Dakota State University’s Cow Herd Appraisal of Performance Software (CHAPS) that presents genetic progress as functionally static since 2003. I couldn’t miss that summary, well-publicized and pointed out by just about every contact and source I know.

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