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Baxter Black: Mr. Washington

Baxter Black:  Mr. Washington

Lee Trevino has a street named after him in El Paso. Abraham Lincoln has a town named after him in Nebraska. Monty Montana has his namesake state and I’ve even got some hills named in my honor in South Dakota.

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Is your bull ready for work?

Is your bull ready for work?

Dean Kreager

Ohio Farmer

Should a person wait until the hay is mowed before looking at the rake and baler to fix any problems carried over from last year? Would they head out on a cross-country drive without at least checking the oil and tires? If most people answered no to these questions, then why do so many people just turn their bull in with the cows without first being sure he is ready to do his job?

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Getting the most out of GE-EPDs in cattle marketing

Getting the most out of GE-EPDs in cattle marketing

Jaclyn Krymowski

Progressive Cattle

Genomics, in addition to being a powerful decision-making tool, is finding a new home in cattle marketing. Genetic information in the form of genomically enhanced expected progeny differences (GE-EPDs) has become an important data point for the marketing business.

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2021 Feedlot Roundtable Webinars

2021 Feedlot Roundtable Webinars

Galen Erickson

University of Nebraska

Beef feedlot managers, owners, employees and allied industries will learn new information related to feedlot management at Nebraska Extension’s 2021 Beef Feedlot Roundtables via webinar in February and March. “We are hoping feedyard employees and managers find useful information here to use in their own operations and can find a flexible time one of these two weeks to join us,” said Galen Erickson, beef feedlot nutrition specialist. “These will replace our in-person meetings we normally provide across the state annually in February.”

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“How do you select a bull for your herd”

“How do you select a bull for your herd”

Dr. Randall Spare

Doc Talk


. Today, I’m gonna have a friend a dear friend and colleague Dr. Randall spare. He is the owner and operator of Ashland Veterinary Center down in Ashland, Kansas. He is probably one of the most world-renowned cow, calf and seedstock veterinarians. And today he’s gonna be on the show with us, sharing his expertise on how do you select a bull for your herd?

Fox in the Henhouse – Booker’s Seat on the Senate Agriculture Committee

Fox in the Henhouse – Booker’s Seat on the Senate Agriculture Committee

Jaclyn Krymowski

Protect the Harvest

It’s official – animal extremist political icon Cory Booker (D-NJ) has been appointed to the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry. This was met with much dismay from the animal agriculture world and not unjustifiably so.

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Being A Veterinarian Takes A Huge Emotional Toll

Being A Veterinarian Takes A Huge Emotional Toll

Kristen Mae

Yahoo News

Years ago, I had a bad experience at a veterinarian’s office. I had reluctantly returned to a vet’s office that had been recommended by a friend. I thought maybe the first time I’d gotten a bad feeling was a fluke; the workers had seemed rushed, had hardly looked at me or my dog, then a puppy, and had tried to upsell me on various products when I checked out.

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OSU: Beef industry to largely weather the effects of mid-February snowstorms

OSU: Beef industry to largely weather the effects of mid-February snowstorms

Donald Stotts

Shawnee News Star

“Cold weather robs production, but the overall effect shows up more as increased costs to cattle operations, feedlots and processors than prices at the grocery store,” said Derrell Peel, OSU Extension livestock marketing specialist and holder of the university’s Charles Breedlove Professorship in Agribusiness.

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Five keys to profitable grass-finished beef

Five keys to profitable grass-finished beef

Greg Halich

Hay and Forage Producer

Many people try to finish cattle on pasture simply by keeping some of their calves and waiting until they are ready for market. While this might work in some situations, having a reasonably good idea of how those calves will grow and building a production system so that they will be finished in conjunction with your marketing needs is a better long-term strategy.

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Cattle And Climate Change

Cattle And Climate Change

John Nalivka


We spend a great deal of time analyzing the cattle cycle and the factors that impact the decisions to build or cull down cattle herds in the U.S. I always preface my comments with regard to the cattle cycle that it’s all about forage availability and making or losing money in the cow-calf business.  The cow-calf operation is where it all begins and numerous events, anticipated or unforeseen, short term or long term, can and will occur to change the status quo.

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