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Quality Colostrum Early Keeps Calves Headed in the Right Direction

Quality Colostrum Early Keeps Calves Headed in the Right Direction

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

As calving season ramps up across much of the country, it’s easy to forget how delicate the balance is during those first hours after birth. Calves are born with almost no antibodies, and they are only able to absorb protection through the dam’s colostrum for about 24 hours. That 24 hours can never be reset, making colostrum critical to not only the calf, but to an operation’s profits.

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Fed cattle and feeder cattle divergence

Fed cattle and feeder cattle divergence

Stephen R. Koontz

Progressive Cattle

On feed numbers are currently high and will moderate through the remainder of the year with smaller placements and smaller calf numbers. Further, the currently very large carcass weights will shrink into the spring as winter weather has its impact. Similar optimism is often offered for feeder cattle and calves, but I believe this is a tenuous perspective. Rather, I believe cow-calf producers should look hard at Livestock Revenue Protection (LRP) insurance.

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Integrating livestock, cover crops can be beneficial for producers

Integrating livestock, cover crops can be beneficial for producers


The Prairie Star

Darrin Boss, Montana State University livestock specialist and superintendent at the Northern Ag Research Center (NARC) in Havre, Mont., shared some exciting news about their long-term study. “We just completed eight full years of studying cover crops with livestock last year in a two-year wheat rotation,” Boss said. Boss’ colleagues will be publishing the results in a few months for producers.

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When Brutal Cold Hits, Cows Need Extra Energy And Attention, Says Justin Waggoner

When Brutal Cold Hits, Cows Need Extra Energy And Attention, Says Justin Waggoner

Oklahoma Farm Report

Cattle in good condition with good, dry haircoats can handle temperatures in the teens but when it gets in the single digits or below, stress becomes a major factor requiring producers to add extra care, said Justin Waggoner, Kansas State University Research and Extension beef cattle systems specialist.

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Masters of Beef Advocacy Program Gets A Reboot

Masters of Beef Advocacy Program Gets A Reboot


The Masters of Beef Advocacy (MBA) program managed by National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, a contractor to the Beef Checkoff, launched updated advocacy training modules – MBA NextGen. Updated information and resources to help answer consumer questions are all accessible with the click of a mouse.

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Feeding cattle in the cold temperatures

Feeding cattle in the cold temperatures


Norfolk Daily News

Cold temperatures are not fun for producers or our animals to deal with. Most producers have been through cold snaps before and are aware of the challenges they present, frozen water sources, increased feed requirements, and keeping a closer eye on the herd to make sure nothing goes awry.

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Beef Quality Assurance Virtual Training

Beef Quality Assurance Virtual Training

Ohio State University

Hardin County – Join Hardin County OSU Extension for a virtual Beef Quality Assurance Training scheduled for Tuesday, February 23 from 6:00-8:00 pm. Beef Quality Assurance training is for beef cattle producers, needing to re-certify or certify to sell cattle at auctions and other markets for the first time. Many of the major beef processors, auctions, and other markets began requiring producers to have a BQA certificate at the beginning of 2019. An initial Beef Quality Assurance Training was held in Kenton in 2018 and it is time for those producers to re-certify in addition to any cattle producers who need to gain BQA certification for the first time.

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Colorado State Honors John Matsushima

Colorado State Honors John Matsushima


Coleman Cornrlius

To help observe the 151st anniversary of its founding, CSU will bestow the 2021 Founders Day Medal on Professor Emeritus John Matsushima, a legendary scientist in beef-cattle nutrition whose innovations have influenced the global food system and exemplify the university’s land-grant mission.

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Expert: Cold Weather Can Be Hard On Cattle; Gives Tips

Expert: Cold Weather Can Be Hard On Cattle; Gives Tips

Scott Van Aartsen

KIWA Radio

An Iowa State University Extension Beef Specialist says these sub-zero temperatures we’re experiencing can be especially difficult for animals. Beth Doran says one simple step you can take is to be sure there’s a windbreak of some sort.

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Cattle care in frigid February weather warms Dahlen, N.D., rancher’s heart

Cattle care in frigid February weather warms Dahlen, N.D., rancher’s heart

Ann Bailey

Grand Forks Herald

Calves and cows were attentive to visitors and content during a tour of Terry Ellingson’s ranch Feb. 8, seemingly oblivious to the bitter cold. The calves nestled in their straw beds or milled about inside lean-to shelters while their mothers ate hay or watched over their young.

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