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Providing Extra Energy in Bad Weather

Providing Extra Energy in Bad Weather

Dean Kreager

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

Winter is here! As I write this, we have had some snow and freezing temperatures along with a healthy dose of mud, but the worst is yet to come. Some grazers may still be utilizing stockpiled forages but many of us have transitioned to feeding hay, baleage, or silage. Hopefully, we know the quality of our forage and the needs of the livestock that will be consuming it.

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Good Nutrition Critical for Keeping Cattle Healthy in Brutal Cold Weather Says OSU Veterinarian Dr. Rosslyn Biggs

Good Nutrition Critical for Keeping Cattle Healthy in Brutal Cold Weather Says OSU Veterinarian Dr. Rosslyn Biggs

Oklahoma Farm Report

Subzero temperatures can make life difficult for cattle and their caretakes and Dr. Rosslyn Biggs, OSU beef cattle extension specialist and College of Veterinary Medicine director, said good nutrition can help prevent many cold weather health issues for the cattle.

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Factors Causing Calving Difficulty 

Factors Causing Calving Difficulty 

Steve Niemeyer, Becky Funk

University of Nebraska

Every year a significant number of calves are lost at birth due to complications of parturition (calving).  The most common factor in loss due to dystocia is time delay of delivery leading to lack of oxygen to the calf.  Complications due to traumatic injury during manipulation and delivery can be a factor in mortality as well.  While anatomical abnormalities (birth defects and fetal monsters) do occur, they tend to be rare.

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Face the facts of feeder supply

Face the facts of feeder supply

Derrell S. Peel


The Cattle inventory report provides lots of information but does not answer one important question: What is the inventory of feeder cattle available to be placed in feedlots for finishing? We calculate an estimate of the supply of feeder cattle by summing the reported inventories of steers (over 500 lbs.), other (non-breeding) heifers (over 500 lbs.) and calves (under 500 lbs.) and then subtracting the reported inventory of cattle on feed.

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Moving forward is more about creating a good mindset than embracing a few resolutions.

Moving forward is more about creating a good mindset than embracing a few resolutions.

Megan Silveira

Angus Journal

Its 2021. I had to put it in writing because it almost doesn’t feel real.I won’t spend any time lecturing you on how strange of a year 2020 was. We all know, we all did what we had to do to make ends meet. No matter where you are located in the country, we all experienced similar feelings of anxiety, defeat and fear of the future.

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COVID relief bill includes $16B in farm aid payments

COVID relief bill includes $16B in farm aid payments

Jacqui Fatka


As part of its reconciliation bill for additional coronavirus aid, the House and Senate each released details of the $16 billion for the agricultural portion of the bill. In an 8 hour-long business meeting Wednesday, the House Agriculture Committee began markup of the bill that revealed the lack of bipartisan support for the bill to provide direct payments to farmers of color, enhanced Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits and rural health funding.

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Jensen’s Lucky Seven Angus Ranch – Raising Environmentally Friendly Cattle

Jensen’s Lucky Seven Angus Ranch – Raising Environmentally Friendly Cattle

Heather Smith Thomas.

American Cattlemen

Jim Jensen’s great-grandfather came from Denmark in 1895, homesteading near Boulder, Wyoming. “We’re above 7000 feet, usually the coldest place in winter, and one of the toughest places to make a living in the cattle business,” Jensen says.

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Cattlemen’s Beef Board elects new officers

Cattlemen’s Beef Board elects new officers

Carol Dunas

Capital Press

Greg Hanes, CEO of the Cattlemen’s Beef Board, said the new officers have given much time and energy to the beef industry over the years, and their experience as both leaders and cattle producers will serve the Beef Board well. “Hugh, Norm and Jimmy fully understand the beef industry’s current challenges, as well as the many opportunities, and I know they will use their knowledge and expertise to help the CBB and the Beef Checkoff reach new levels of success in 2021,” he said.

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Varying annual rainfall could affect Florida ranchers

Varying annual rainfall could affect Florida ranchers

Karl Schneider

Naples Daily News

Researchers at the University of Florida are using a $500,000 grant to study potential future effects of climate change on grasslands and pastures, important ecosystems for the state’s cattle ranchers.

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Strategic Feedlot Bedding in the Winter

Strategic Feedlot Bedding in the Winter



Feeding cattle in the winter is not for the faint of heart, especially in South Dakota. Frigid temperatures combined with wind, snow and ice test every aspect of animal husbandry in the quest to provide the best care for livestock and maintain performance and profits.

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