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Mark Parker:  The Top 10 irksome farm events

Mark Parker:  The Top 10 irksome farm events


#10. You toss a dead possum as far out of the front yard as you can and your retriever sees you do it.

#9. The GPS keeps telling you that you’ve made a wrong turn when you’ve been taking this route for 30 years.


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Fencing and water for beef cattle

Fencing and water for beef cattle

Steve Niemeyer

Western Livestock Journal

The goal of any grazing operation is to introduce the cow or calf to forage in adequate quality and quantity for their needs. A majority of cattle operations in the Great Plains use pasture or native range for grazing during the growing season and crop residues or harvested purchased feed for the remainder of the year.

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Raising cattle in the Yukon

Raising cattle in the Yukon

Mona Howe

Canadian Cattlemen
Cattle followed gold prospectors to the Yukon in the late 1800s but not without countless mishaps and setbacks. Many unsuccessful attempts were made before cattle became a permanent fixture on the Yukon’s subarctic landscape. To this day, raising cattle in the Yukon comes with unique challenges, but several farmers have boldly accepted that challenge and continue to supply the market with high-quality, locally produced beef.

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Calving Season – Not the Time to Skimp on Nutrition

Calving Season – Not the Time to Skimp on Nutrition

Karla H. Wilke

University of Nebraska

The 2020 drought across the Great Plains has made hay scarce for many producers. Additionally, the pandemic has affected oil prices which in turn has impacted ethanol production and subsequently reduced the supply of distillers grains, a supplementation staple for many beef producers in the region.


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Cattle Play a Major Role in Keeping us Healthy Says Dr. Sara Place

Cattle Play a Major Role in Keeping us Healthy Says Dr. Sara Place

Oklahoma Farm Report

Livestock play a major role in keeping humans and the planet healthy through a process called upcycling said Dr. Sara Place, chief sustainability officer with Elanco Animal Health, Inc.  Sustainability can sometimes be a controversial topic but if viewed from the perspective of converting low value or low-quality products into a higher value product, a process called upcycling, it makes more sense, Place said.

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How Cold Is Too Cold?

How Cold Is Too Cold?

Victoria Myers

Progressive Farmer

When it comes to calving, Russ Daly will take zero degrees Fahrenheit and sun over 40 degrees F with wind and rain anytime. That warmer temperature may sound better, but the South Dakota State University Extension veterinarian knows the likelihood of hypothermia in a newborn calf is going to be much higher under wet, windy conditions.

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New Year Resolutions for Cow/Calf Operations

New Year Resolutions for Cow/Calf Operations

Olivia Amundson

South Dakota State University

With the first month of the New Year passed, now is a good time to evaluate the last year and make new resolutions and goals for 2021. This usually begins by finding records from the last 12 months, whether that’s in the Red Book or on a scratch pad in the tractor.

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The war on rural Colorado: The animal rights legislation circus

The war on rural Colorado: The animal rights legislation circus

Rachel Gabel

The Fence Post

Colorado’s First Gentleman Marlon Reis has long been forthright about his commitment to veganism and his dedication to fight for the rights of animals and his involvement in and support of legislation thus far in the session both in testimony and on social media has reflected that.

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Heterosis boosts the bottom line

Heterosis boosts the bottom line

Dr. Troy Rowan

University of Tennessee

Sometimes, I get ahead of myself as a beef cattle genomics researcher. I’m always thinking about the “next big thing”, or the next major step forward in the genetics and genomics space.

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Matching the Cow’s Milk Production to Your Forage Resources

Matching the Cow’s Milk Production to Your Forage Resources

Steve Boyles

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

Type differences exist due to size, milk production, suitability to the environment and desirability of different types for profit. All these factors affect the amount of nutrients required by the individual. The nutrient requirements of the various types can determine different management schemes.

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The Beef Blog Returns

The Beef Blog Returns

Last thing in the world you want to hear while sitting at the Urgent care is “ the Ambulance will be here in 10 minutes to take you to the hospital”.  Well, it happened last Tuesday. With some great help from the staff at my local hospital, thebeefblog is back in business.  Readers thanks for your patience.