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Forage Focus: Native Clovers and Their Roles in Grassland Ecosystems

Forage Focus: Native Clovers and Their Roles in Grassland Ecosystems

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

Most forages commercially grown in the United States today have origins in other continents. Many native plants, including grasses, clovers, and forbs, have been forgotten and underutilized since the time prior to European settlement of North America.

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2021 Cattle Business Weekly Scholarship

2021 Cattle Business Weekly Scholarship

Cattle Business Weekly

The Cattle Business Weekly gives one $1,000 scholarship annually to an ag youth in the South Dakota region. This scholarship is for Junior or Senior level students currently attending a college or university. Submissions will be taken until June 1.

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U.S. Cow Herd Continues to Slowly Shrink

U.S. Cow Herd Continues to Slowly Shrink

Colter Brown

Northern AG Network

The USDA released its semi-annual cattle inventory report on Friday, and although the numbers largely came in where the industry expected them to, the report does offer insight into the future direction of cattle markets. Surveyed producers were asked to report their cattle inventories and calf crop for the entire year of 2020. All cattle and calves in the U.S. as of Jan. 1, 2021 totaled 93.6 million head, slightly under the 2020 number.

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A Dozen Do’sKeep your farm or ranch steering toward success with these essential

A Dozen Do’sKeep your farm or ranch steering toward success with these essential strategies.

Kindra Gordon

Angus Journal

It’s what is needed to win in sports, achieve as an organization and be viable in business. What strategies work best for those in agriculture? Renowned ag economist and Virginia Tech emeritus professor David Kohl offers this checklist for agriculturists to consider


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Red Angus Staff Take on New Roles

Red Angus Staff Take on New Roles

Red Angad Media

Dr. Kim Heller recently added a new role to her repertoire at the Red Angus Association of America as the director of education and junior programs. This position is designed to strengthen engagement and assist members with knowledge-based initiatives to build the breed across all segments. This new role was borne out of the 2021-2026 Red Angus Strategic Plan which identifies education as a key area to enable and support the breed’s strategic initiatives, and in particular, to enhance the knowledge base of Red Angus breeders nationwide. Heller’s work will also better prepare board and staff members to be stewards of long-term breed success.

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Considerations for Maintaining Condition in our Breeding Bulls during Winter

Considerations for Maintaining Condition in our Breeding Bulls during Winter

The Cattle Site

Also, with the weather starting to change, starting to think about how we are going to manage our breeding bulls through the winter to prepare them for the next breeding season will be important. This will be a good time to evaluate body condition and ensure that bulls have adequate protection from harsh weather. We can’t forget about our bull battery over the winter; therefore, let’s go over a few considerations we can think about prior to the next breeding season.

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China presents opportunity, challenges for beef trade

China presents opportunity, challenges for beef trade

Willie Vogt

Farm Progress

In China, a popular use for beef is hot pot where short plate cuts of meat are sliced thin and cooked at the table. This is just one opportunity for more U.S. beef exports to the country.  The country has an appetite for more beef but is throwing up new trade roadblocks.

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NCBA Delivers House Introduction of Bipartisan DIRECT Act

NCBA Delivers House Introduction of Bipartisan DIRECT Act


Introduced by U.S. Representatives Dusty Johnson (R – At-Large, S.D.) and Henry Cuellar (D – 28th Dist., TX), the Direct Interstate Retail Exemption for Certain Transactions (DIRECT) Act of 2021 would allow retail quantities of meat processed under state-inspection to be sold across state lines through e-commerce, providing beef producers and local processors alike with more options to market direct-to-consumers.

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Silage Is Top Choice For These Three Beef Producers

Silage Is Top Choice For These Three Beef Producers


There are upsides to silage, including the ability to harvest forage during variable weather, being able to produce more feed on fewer acres, and the potential for a more economical feed ration. There are also drawbacks to consider, including additional feeding infrastructure and equipment investment. Also, as with any new method or management practice, producers considering silage need to do their homework, develop a new skillset and be prepared to adapt and adjust as they learn.

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Tyson sues cattle feeder for more than $200 million in losses

Tyson sues cattle feeder for more than $200 million in losses

Meghan Grebner

Brownfield Network

Tyson is suing Easterday Ranches claiming losses of more than $225 million.  An internal audit late last year discovered one of their cattle suppliers misrepresented the number of cattle purchased on behalf of the company.  In the court filings, Tyson alleges that the cattle feeder has falsified records and submitted fictitious invoices for feed and cattle that were never purchased, beginning in 2016.   The filings also claim Easterday has manufactured documents in order to hide the fact it was reporting to Tyson approximately 200,000 cattle that did not exist.

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