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Off-season no time to slouch on bull care.

Off-season no time to slouch on bull care.

Shauna Hermel

Angus Beef Bulletin

Charles Stoltenow in 2015 indicated bulls turned out in multisire pastures may cover from 4 to 80 females during the course of a breeding season. Which end of the spectrum they’re on depends on libido, social dominance, health and a host of other factors.

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Grazer Steals Client’s Cows and Sells Them

Grazer Steals Client’s Cows and Sells Them


Cattle producers who contract others to manage their herds should check the credibility and background of anyone they hire, and track their herd numbers on a regular basis. In the case of a Bangs, Texas, man, the person he hired to manage his cattle stole 46 head and pocketed an estimated $50,000.

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Annual Cow Costs – The Big Three

Annual Cow Costs – The Big Three

Aaron Berger

University of Nebraska

When looking at annual cow costs and doing an economic analysis, three categories tend to make up the largest percentage of total costs:  feed, labor/equipment and cow depreciation.  Other expenses occur, such as breeding expense and veterinary costs, but they tend to be significantly less than the “Big Three.”

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Preventing Calf Disease Starts with the Pregnant Cow

Preventing Calf Disease Starts with the Pregnant Cow

Dr. Michelle Arnold

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

Every year, the UKVDL receives calves that died suddenly in the first week of life, usually with few or no symptoms. Often the owner will describe the situation this way: “calves will nurse, be 2-3 days old and found dead” or “calf was 3-5 days old, lying around more than normal and nursing very little, found dead the next day”. At necropsy (an animal “autopsy”), the pathologist will find no milk within the calf’s digestive tract.

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Brown fat ensures survival in calves

Brown fat ensures survival in calves

Gilda V. Bryant

Progressive Cattle

Why do some calves survive the rigors of being born in cold, wet weather while others in the same situation die of hypothermia? Good mothers make a difference, but research shows that calves’ survival depends on brown fat. Also called brown adipose tissue (BAT), its function is to generate body heat by non-shivering thermogenesis.

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Leave it in the silo — here’s why

Leave it in the silo — here’s why

Luiz Ferraretto

Hay and Forage Grower

For many years, ensiling was considered a great tool to store forages while maintaining nutrient availability. Now we know that keeping silage longer in the silo improves starch availability. Prolonged storage became an important practice for dairy herds feeding corn silage, high-moisture corn, and earlage.

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Mark Alan Sneed, master livestock photographer passes

Mark Alan Sneed, master livestock photographer passes

In 2003, Mark went to Denver to start his professional career as a livestock marketer through photography at the National Western Stock Show. Word of mouth spread and the business has not slowed down since. As many in the cattle livestock industry know, Mark’s name has been seen and continues to be seen on many of the top operation’s photographs throughout the country.  Mark Sneed is a household name in the cattle industry we all know and love, whether people know him personally or have just seen his name under a beautiful photograph, he is recognized.  His work is tremendous and he takes great pride in putting out the best there is in livestock marketing through photographs and now videos.

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Longview Ranch Diversifies Cattle Breeding with Introduction of Charolais Bulls

Longview Ranch Diversifies Cattle Breeding with Introduction of Charolais Bulls


In 2019, Longview Ranch decided to move in a new direction and purchased a number of Charolais bulls. The team at Longview Ranch is now cross-breeding the Corriente horned cows with the Charolais bulls, creating a high quality beef product.

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Make sure your feed doesn’t add to the freeze

Make sure your feed doesn’t add to the freeze

Woody Lane

Progressive Cattle

Although cold stress may look different in different places, the principles of dealing with it are the same. In Minnesota and Montana, everyone knows what “cold” means. But if you are a cow on a winter pasture in western Oregon with a rain-soaked fleece after four weeks of 35ºF temperatures, you are suffering from the same cold stress as your cousins in the big-freeze regions.

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Missouri Prime Beef Packers Set To Open

Missouri Prime Beef Packers Set To Open

Greg Henderson


A 500-head per day beef packing plant is set to open in Missouri later this month. Missouri Prime Beef Packers has nearly completed extensive upgrades and modifications to a 100,000-square foot facility in Pleasant Hope, MO, and has begun hiring employees.

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