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Shopping for Replacement Heifers

Shopping for Replacement Heifers

Leif Bakken

Northern AG Network

Cow-calf producers need to fully examine how much they can afford to pay for replacement heifers. The heifer’s value is based on her ability to stay in the herd and the producer’s ability to manage that productivity and control costs. These were some observations from a recent University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) Extension BeefWatch Webinar titled “Pricing Replacement Heifers.” Nebraska Extension Educator Randy Saner, based in North Platte, hosted the webinar.

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Comparing EPDs across breeds

Comparing EPDs across breeds

Joel Cowley

Angus Beef Bulletin

Since their inception in the 1970s, expected progeny differences (EPDs) have proven to be a valuable tool in advancing genetic change in the cattle industry. EPDs, which are generated through a national cattle evaluation (NCE) to predict average performance differences in the future progeny of an animal when compared with the future progeny of other animals, allow for more-informed decisions when selecting between animals of the same breed.

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Managing snow in the feedlot

Managing snow in the feedlot

Jodi Henke

Successful Farming

Nobody enjoys walking in deep snow and ice, and this includes cattle. Snow that isn’t managed in a feedlot creates extra problems for animals, pen surfaces, and runoff control systems.  Warren Rusche is an extension beef feedlot management associate at South Dakota State University. He says you can’t always get out there right after the snow falls but move it as soon as you can with a loader, box scraper or blade.

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Satellite ear tags for livestock coming to Canada

Satellite ear tags for livestock coming to Canada

Piper Whelan

Canadian Cattlemen

When Heather Mundt sought an alternative to branding, a new livestock ear tag in development on the other side of the world opened the door for new management decision possibilities. Heather and her husband Brenton, who run a cow-calf operation and grain farm at Oyen, Alta., were interested in GPS ear tags for identification and financing purposes, as well as simplifying the process of checking their cattle.

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11 tips for choosing the right heifers

11 tips for choosing the right heifers

Heather Smith Thomas

Farm Progress

Picking replacements means plenty of attention to detail. Check out these features when looking at the herd.  Selecting replacement females is important for long-term sustainability and productivity of your cow herd. The wrong kind of females won’t generate as much cash flow and may cost more than you can afford in additional inputs.

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Virtual beef conference planned

Virtual beef conference planned

Juneau County Star Times

University Extension services in Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin are partnering up to offer the Driftless Region Beef Conference from 7-8:30 p.m. Jan. 26-28, 2021, with webinars each evening.

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Alternative Feeds

Alternative Feeds

Alberta Agriculture

When adding alternative feeds into a ration or feeding program, always make changes slowly to allow the cattle to adjust to the feed. Sudden changes to their diet can create digestive problems and negatively impact rumen health.

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Effect of the X chromosome in genomic evaluations of reproductive traits in beef cattle –

Effect of the X chromosome in genomic evaluations of reproductive traits in beef cattle –

Iara Del Pilar Solar Diaz , Gregório Miguel Ferreira de Camargo,  Valdecy Aparecida Rocha da Cruz,  Isis da Costa Hermisdorff,  Caio Victor Damasceno Carvalho,  Lucia Galvão de Albuquerque,  Raphael Bermal Costa


The aim of this study was to evaluate whether there are predictive advantages for breeding values with inclusion of X chromosome genomic markers for reproductive (occurrence of early pregnancy – P16 and age at first calving – AFC) and andrological (scrotal circumference -SC) variables in beef cattle. There were 3263 genotypes of females and males evaluated.

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Air emission regulations and cattle: Just a bunch of hot air?

Air emission regulations and cattle: Just a bunch of hot air?

Kyle Weldon

Progressive Cattle

Over the past half-century, there has been an unfortunate shift in the average American’s connection with the production of the food they consume. Need evidence of this disconnect? Look no further than the purported environmental impact discussions involving – wait for it – cow farts. The fermentation abilities of the bovine animal have caught the attention of Netflix, politicians and even fast-food restaurants.

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What are big carcasses doing to the future of the beef industry?

What are big carcasses doing to the future of the beef industry?

Dr. H. Russell Cross

Texas A&M University

It’s a conundrum that has long plagued the beef business—what’s economically necessary for producers presents big challenges for wholesalers, retailers and most importantly, consumers.

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