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Mark Parker:  The Top 10 reasons you may be due for a new farm building

Mark Parker:  The Top 10 reasons you may be due for a new farm building


#10. The old hay barn works fine — for feeding loose hay to draft horses.

#9. You’d like to scrap the old combine but it’s holding up the back corner of the machine shed roof.

#8. The machine shed doors are not only too short and too narrow, the license plate patches have rusted through.

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Strategic Penning

Strategic Penning

Troy Smith

Angus Beef Bulletin

A good many stocker operators and feedyard managers could have uttered a similar statement. At the very least, they have experienced the feelings those words describe. Veterinarians, too, especially if their producer clients handle a lot of high-risk calves.

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Tour George Strait’s Ranch in Texas

Tour George Strait’s Ranch in Texas

Here we take a look at George Strait’s ranch in Texas where he has his very own Team Roping practice arena. George owns several properties in Texas. This video covers his Texas ranching lifestyle.

Craft culling choices for long-term gain

Craft culling choices for long-term gain

Heather Smith Thomas

Farm Progress

A move made for a short-term benefit should be tailored to help your herd in the long run.  Deciding which animals to cull is a long-term decision with short-term implications. Ranchers tend to cull harder when expenses go up or feed supplies are short, selling more cows or heifers to generate enough income to pay the bills.

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NCBA offers internship opportunity at cattle industry trade show

NCBA offers internship opportunity at cattle industry trade show


For many college students, gaining industry experience can be the most rewarding portion that comes with following their passion while also preparing them for their career. A fun, rewarding, and engaging opportunity is available for college students wanting to attend the 2021 Cattle Industry Convention and National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Trade Show in Nashville, Tennessee, from Aug. 10 to 13, 2021.

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Beef’s role in a resilient food system

Beef’s role in a resilient food system

Restaurant Dive

Beef farmers and ranchers are dedicated to producing beef in a way that prioritizes the planet, people, animals and progress. Numerous proven sustainability practices are utilized throughout the process that contribute to the way beef is responsibly raised. A food supply balances efficient production with environmental, social and economic impacts.

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Winter-graze stockpiled forages

Winter-graze stockpiled forages

Curt Arens

Beef Magazine

Be sure to monitor body condition and provide the correct amount of supplement.  If you are feeding stock cows this winter, you want to keep your feed costs down as much as possible, without losing ground on body condition.

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Cows and COVID

Cows and COVID

Jim Walker

Progressive Cattle

I was asked a little while back, “Can cows catch COVID?” It sounds like an alliterative riddle, but the answer is “yes.” While cows can catch COVID, according to South Dakota State University, they only possess a “medium” chance of doing so (and while we are at it, horses only have a low chance of catching the virus).

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Has corn silage gotten better since harvest?

Has corn silage gotten better since harvest?

C.J. Weddle

Hay and Forage Grower

In most biological systems, answers are never straight forward, and there seems to be exceptions to every rule. That’s certainly the case when it comes to changes in the corn silage processing score (CSPS) during fermentation.

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K-State’s Winter Ranch Management Series Set for Late January and February

K-State’s Winter Ranch Management Series Set for Late January and February

Kansas State University

Vaccine management and storage will be one of the topics for the 2021 Kansas State University Winter Ranch Management Seminar Series. Hosted by three areas across the state of Kansas, the meetings will feature presentations and comments by extension educators to enhance management strategies employed by cow-calf producers.

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