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Embarrassing moments. Nobody likes to talk about them. Oh, they’ll talk about slipping on the ice on their first date or getting bucked off a gentle horse.

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Winter Mud Creates Feeding Challenges

Winter Mud Creates Feeding Challenges

Dr. Katie Mason

University of Tennessee

Have you ever taken a mud bath? I don’t mean the kind where you sit in a luxurious spa in a tub filled with peat and volcanic ash said to cure all your ailments and give you glowing skin… I mean the kind where you suit up to go feed the cows and your boot sinks down just a little too deep and suddenly, you’re in a pile of mud and other muck you’d rather not think about! Muddy conditions are common across the Southeast this time of year, but there are ways to deal with the challenges associated with mud.

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Raising reliable recipient cows

Raising reliable recipient cows

Ginger Rowsey

Delta Farm Press

Linda and Rod Barnes, along with daughter, Dolly, raise 180 beef cattle near Selmer, Tenn. They’ve found a niche market by providing recipient cows for embryo transfer from purebred donor cows.  Mid-South beef producers find a profitable niche market with recipient cows.

Rod and Linda Barnes raise 180-head of SimAngus cattle near Selmer, Tenn.

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Considerations for Maintaining Condition in our Breeding Bulls during Winter

Considerations for Maintaining Condition in our Breeding Bulls during Winter

Kacie McCarthy

University of Nebraska

For bulls coming out of the breeding season, body weight loss may have occurred, and we need to make sure that we get bulls back in condition before the next season. Also, with the weather starting to change, starting to think about how we are going to manage our breeding bulls through the winter to prepare them for the next breeding season will be important.

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Make sure your feed doesn’t add to the freeze

Make sure your feed doesn’t add to the freeze

Woody Lane

Progressive Cattle

Although cold stress may look different in different places, the principles of dealing with it are the same. In Minnesota and Montana, everyone knows what “cold” means. But if you are a cow on a winter pasture in western Oregon with a rain-soaked fleece after four weeks of 35ºF temperatures, you are suffering from the same cold stress as your cousins in the big-freeze regions.

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K-State plans 2021 calving schools

K-State plans 2021 calving schools

Angie Denton

Kansas State University

In anticipation of calving season, beef cattle experts from the Kansas State University Department of Animal Sciences and Industry and K-State Research and Extension are planning a series of calving schools beginning in early January.

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Tyson supplier paid for undelivered cattle

Tyson supplier paid for undelivered cattle

Mackenzie Johnston

The Fence Post

On Dec. 21, 2020, Tyson Foods announced that an internal audit discovered one of their cattle suppliers made misrepresentations about the number of cattle purchased on behalf of the company. Tyson paid the supplier for cattle that they believed had been purchased; however, they never received those cattle.

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Seedstock producer settles in Illinois with winning business

Seedstock producer settles in Illinois with winning business



Scott Anderson’s livestock journey has taken a circuitous path through several states. But he has found unqualified success in Illinois. The Anderson family business, Double Diamond Angus, has earned the Illinois Beef Association’s honor of Seedstock Producer of the Year for 2020.

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The modern Simmental success story

The modern Simmental success story

Chip Kemp

High Plains Journal

The Harvard Business Review published its “Top 20 Business Transformations of the Last Decade.” The article highlights those organizations that have adapted and flourished in the last 10 years to become dominant players in their respective fields, and in many cases, these businesses have changed our lives.

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Virtual Meetings Helping Beef Checkoff Reach More Consumers

Virtual Meetings Helping Beef Checkoff Reach More Consumers


One silver lining in this pandemic-infused time is the rapid advancement of communications technology, allowing us to talk to more people via Zoom and other choices. Greg Hanes, CEO of the Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion and Research Board, says that technology has helped beef producers reach more consumers.

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