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Having Your Cake . . .

Having Your Cake . . .

Dr. Les Anderson

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

My colleagues and I like to rib each other about which discipline is more important in beef production nutrition, genetics, health, or reproduction. Of course, I argue that reproductive efficiency is the most important because reproductive rate drives gross revenue. But we all know it’s not that simple. All disciplines need to be managed and blended to optimize reproductive potential.

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Grazing Supplementation

Grazing Supplementation

Karla Wilke

University of Nebraska

Different cattle have different nutritional needs. Nebraska Extension Range Management Cow/Calf Specialist Karla Wilke discusses the supplementation needs in different classes of grazing cattle.

Proper technique is safest on calf pullers

Proper technique is safest on calf pullers

Heather Smith Thomas

Progressive Cattle

Some calves are injured at birth by improper pulling methods, especially when using a mechanical calf puller. Dr. Matt Miesner at Kansas State University says he doesn’t see as many calving problems today, compared to several decades ago, because stockmen can reduce problems by selective breeding and use of bulls that sire easy-born calves.

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This Startup Grows Real Steak From Beef Cells in a Lab

This Startup Grows Real Steak From Beef Cells in a Lab

The Observer

The meat industry is facing unprecedented disruption, and not only from the red hot market for fake meat. There’s also the growing trend of also real meat grown in “biofarms,” or laboratories using advanced stem cell tech to generate edible animal parts without having to raise the actual animal.

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Now’s the time to make or break beef cow and heifer reproductive success

Now’s the time to make or break beef cow and heifer reproductive success

Russ Daly

Aberdeen News

Every year around this time, the calls come in. Calls for answers, calls for advice, calls for perspective. Sometimes I can offer all that, sometimes not. The calls are usually from veterinarians, but sometimes from Extension colleagues or beef producers themselves. The calls come this time of year because preg checking has wrapped up. And not because it went well.

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Grass-fed beef is good business: Fort Worth agriculture investment firm sees high demand during COVID-19

Grass-fed beef is good business: Fort Worth agriculture investment firm sees high demand during COVID-19

Amanda Albee

Dallas Morning News

In June, Rawley told MSN Money in an article titled, “19 areas to invest in during a financial crisis,” that agriculture investments are considerably safe during economic downturns because they are not correlated to the stock market. “In times of a recession, food consumption continues, so companies that produce and process food can maintain their cash flows,” he says.

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Data matters: In cattle genetics, details pay dividends

Data matters: In cattle genetics, details pay dividends

Dave Bergmeier

High Plains Journal

Information is more readily available than it once was, according to Dave Nichols, of Nichols Farms, Bridgewater, Iowa. He recalled a time when the sharing of important traits was difficult, but producers learned that doing so led to nurturing the industry that is the standard for the rest of world.

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Hormones and Other Growth Promotants in Beef Production

Hormones and Other Growth Promotants in Beef Production

Beef Cattle Research Council

As with all technology, appropriate and optimal use of growth promotant products can improve animal performance and utilization of feed resources, while improper use may result in no benefit and lower carcass value. Ionophores were introduced in the mid-1970s and are fed to cattle to prevent diseases like coccidiosis, acidosis and bloat, in addition to improved weight gain and feed efficiency. Ionophores improve feed efficiency by acting on rumen microbes.

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Are reporting birthweights still necessary?

Are reporting birthweights still necessary?

Jaclyn Krymowski

Progressive Cattle

Accurate data is pivotal for sound decision-making and improvement, especially when dealing with animal genetics. Genomic information has certainly accelerated this process, allowing us to gauge an animal’s potential by looking directly at their DNA.

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It’s time to prepare for cattle breeding season

It’s time to prepare for cattle breeding season

Dana Zook

Enid News & Eagle

It is the new year, and I thought it fitting to address the imminent breeding season in the beef industry. I will lapse back to my high school musical theater days and showcase “Preparing for Beef Breeding Season Saga.” The headliner this month will be bulls. Stay tuned for Act 2 later in January focused on cows.

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